2, the basic situation of the competition website

is the so-called "enemy battle", want to get the final victory, will get into competitors, understand competitors, to defeat the competitor, for small and medium-sized webmaster, competition is the best teacher, as Zhangzhou website optimization published an article "site optimization is the best teacher" as the reason to the user so, how to analyze competitors, please listen to the following decomposition of

input target keywords in Shanghai love the search box, click search box, check the SERP results of the lower right corner, see how many search results, the number of search results, the competitive degree of difficulty, and vice versa, this is the target keywords to do to compete with so much ", but this is a reference and it is important to query the row in the front page of the website, they are forum news sources or government website, this is the day after the chase with your opponent.

3, competitors

Site structure of

know the competitor’s website ranking and the basic situation, the people "is to do a guest", look at the design of the website structure, the word around, the same website layout pigment collocation, products, if you do, you need to improve what aspects can go beyond the competitors, how the competition website is friendly to the user that is how to increase the viscosity of the user, which requires owners to take the essence and dross, establish to overthrow it in others, remember that it is not to overthrow the copy and paste, others through the people, then you go to the left, just tired of your leg, want to succeed must have innovation, innovation you can do another sky.


1, the search engine ranking results


mentioned SERP ranking, which ranked at home, is your research object. The basic situation of the competition site, mainly study the several key, the PR value, thesaurus, snapshot update frequency, domain name included age, number, links, outbound links, as long as the use of these webmaster tools a key query, will all come out, but the analysis is not so simple, few people can use all of these research thoroughly, Huang Yiqiang in this blog said two of them, and included a number of external links, included the number you can use site to query, this is a spider crawling the web by following links, access the page HTML code stored in the database, then the index procedure grab page Chinese extraction, Chinese segmentation, for sorting calls, so how much influence the quantity index to the SERP ranking, the chain number domain can be used to query, mainly to see the relationship between the high quality chain, then look at the source of the chain of love Shanghai Know the news source or Wikipedia website or forum, if it is the love of Shanghai products, the competition is very tough, you have a lot of work, because the product is not good to do love Shanghai.

competition like a grindstone, it is ground to a very sharp, then we give you a knife, cut off the rival Zhou Hongyi