4399 Games: love Shanghai included 200 thousand, 6 million 190 thousand outside the chain of love Shanghai, love Shanghai weight is 9, total 17548 records, is expected from Shanghai visit 3029791



4399 256766

2, the long tail keywords layout


< > The kingdom of Rock 286013

in the long tail keywords layout, a product manager earlier 4399 introduction of massive long tail keywords strategy, their optimization strategy of Shanghai dragon show up very well, here I would like to a station to do a case analysis.

in the game industry, there is a site of Shanghai Longfeng do quite badly, that is the 4399 game of 17173 game to do good, but compared to 4399, the Shanghai dragon may be slightly inferior. I do a simple comparison of you clearly.



you search 4399 game page navigation almost any game keywords, you will find the keywords ranking in the very front position, most in love or love Shanghai encyclopedia products in Shanghai following the first position is 4399 ", such as" combat ", you will see the results:

4399 456200

4399 978795

17173 Games: love Shanghai included 377, 550 thousand and 5 outside the chain of love Shanghai, love Shanghai weight is 7, total 703 records, is expected from Shanghai visit 112534 times of love.

1, brand strategySeveral cases of

pure love Shanghai =978795+456200+286013+256766=1977774 index sum of these four words, according to the rankings first to get search engine traffic 30%, a few words that can get the search volume is close to 600 thousand, which also are similar to include a "4399" key word game brand keywords, many index in more than 5000.


two websites love Shanghai included, outside the chain, the weight of keywords and data flow


simply from these simple data comparison, we can see that the two site of the Shanghai dragon really big gap. With a comparison of this, today I have to share is about 4399 small game site in Shanghai Longfeng case.

in front of the inside of the famous website brand keyword strategy, 4399 for the use of brand strategy here is more awesome, we look at a set of data can know: