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, and are basically around two words out. Secondly, in the optimization, the effective techniques.

1, title. The main site title "keyword + long tail word sentence combination". This can hit more keywords.

the new optimization, is the most important of which is the station optimization, the priority among priorities. Robin said, love Shanghai to railway station has a new station evaluation value, the original content is very high, and regularly update the content, love Shanghai station on the initial trust value. Moreover, the station of Shanghai love spider crawling will refer to the initial trust value. So, a new station on the line, not anxious to submit url, nor the release of a large number of the chain, but to do well in the station optimization, fill the related information. The suggestion is that before the website content not filled with good, to shield the spider.

site optimization, pay more attention to some details and the fundamentals of the new online website, the author has done the following work.


compared to the keyword density, the more value keywords layout. But the keyword density is also a factor of influence ranking, such as the author started a "parking lock" website, the vast majority of articles are around the "parking lock" and write, but "parking lock" of the word, always outside the top 100, then the author found that the home of the word density was 15%. Then the author used the method of synonym replacement to reduce the density of keywords, he sprang to the top 40.

the station keywords layout idea is a channel, the layout of the page at the top of the page, search two page layout, intermediate product catalog layout, and then at the bottom of the page layout and keywords list at the bottom of the copyright layout of a master key. This is more uniform and reasonable layout of the keywords in the page. Moreover, these words are important in a prominent position, and not hard to h the weight of the label.

I have a web site, on the line after the day included, then staged frequent K standing wave, yesterday I once again look at this station, found that some key words on the front page. I am not an expert in Shanghai dragon, but hard to do the work of the most fundamental. In this paper the author to share a station included the home page keywords quickly experience, perhaps the station just by chance, but there are also certain components.

, code 2. I see is the kind of lengthy code special offensive, such as CSS and URL, pseudo static, such as streamlining the code. This is conducive to the spider crawling and crawling, also helps to reduce the signal-to-noise ratio of web page.


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3, keyword density and layout.