The existing 2. note what?

website has been unable to meet the needs of the development of the company;

2. site map

3. the lack of interaction module, structure confusion, so that potential customers can not find the content you want;

website?In the

4. does not reflect the advantages of enterprises, on the website and the competitor not what difference, no prominent bright spot;

5. search engine keyword ranking poor long-term, not what the basic flow, not what the conversion rate of

can we like the other big sites, making an error page after 5 seconds after returning home channel tips. Don’t enter the 404 error page, to return home immediately, these are to make the search engine think page exists, but return the duplicate content, which is very unfavorable to the optimization of Shanghai dragon.

short, 404 page is necessary for a revision of the website.

finally, if a visitor tries to access a web site within the domain of URL does not exist, then the visitor will be transferred to "no"

The structure of the site, the layout of


1.404 error page


era, customer demand is changing, our marketing website has to follow the customer needs, follow the rules of search engine and change, will teach you how to super teacher website. Our website, especially the number of years longer or some website template website, more or less there exist the following problems:

if there is no way to retain the original site of URL, so as far as possible from the old URL 301 directed to the new URL. Even if the 301 directional can do complete, but also the selection of important page 301 directional. For example: the website home page, column page, bring more search traffic, there are more content pages of the chain page etc..

whether your website is not clear, a site map is necessary. The site map stored in the robots file, as the search engine spiders, increase your website important content page. At the same time, the site map is also conducive to spider crawling, have quickly included using the new content of the site, especially new sites or site changed after.

will be more conducive to good website publicity and marketing network, to adapt to the trend of the Internet, increase the user experience. Conversely。 Will be slowly losing their own stable user.

1. website design tacky, the function is not complete, does not conform to its own brand image;

believe we are not unfamiliar, when accessing web pages are wrong, there will be a 404 error page and website tips, often accompanied by the failure of the URL web site, will inevitably produce some 404 error pages.