need to correct what do not understand Shanghai Longfeng work novice concept in here, the so-called Shanghai dragon is not only a post, do false original, only those skills necessary preliminary. Before the search engine unrest, Shanghai dragon several times as long as the master of these skills can do the work of Shanghai dragon, but now, these are just introductory skills, to do a good job in Shanghai dragon, but also to learn more skills, including HTML, DIV+CSS, PS, Dreamweaver, of course, if you want to be a step closer, like the mainstream Discuz, Dedecms, WordPress, site of the program module, the code should also be understood that these are not require us to master, but must understand, to understand.

essential tool Shanghai dragon basic skills

independent IP host Shanghai dragon

in the optimization of this road, Shanghai dragon Er is extremely hard. "

in addition to increase the optimization efforts in the search engine, Shanghai dragon Er can also use some supplements to help you optimize your website. For example, search engine friendly recognized independent IP. The United States IXWebhosting virtual host as independent IP, can make the site have higher weights and ranking the opportunity, but also from the security of the website for IP can be independent from involvement in the fate of K, in addition, IXWebhosting virtual host most can give 15 independent IP, these independent IP can be used to establish standing group as the station group, is also a good way to optimize, now use the coupon code CHILL to buy the host can get ten percent off discount coupon code update can see: 贵族宝贝, the webmaster can help us save a lot of construction funds.


search engine pattern of

with the development of Internet search engine also gradually, synchronous growth, several major search engines currently on the market the most competitive are love Shanghai, Sogou, 360 and so on, and the Shanghai dragon Er has worked on these website optimization search engine. However, in recent years, struggle between the major search engines, and 360 from Shanghai love the beginning of the war, the search engine industry has changed.


does not understand the search engine in dynamic Shanghai dragon ER may also complain about the love of Shanghai suck, of course, may also be considered to optimize their technical problems. However, here is a large part of the factors are due to changes in the pattern of search engine. In the near aliyun officially launched Ali cloud search products, including web, information, pictures and maps etc.. Then the search function remains to be perfect, but has become the powerful search engine market competitiveness. Tencent and Sogou search engine, but also into the search engine market, increased competition in the market.