has seen a lot of sites included one million, when the inquiry on its website related domain will be found far more than one million, this is what happened? DOMAIN check out the results only show the query contains your URL of the page, no matter where the page comes from, so check out the results will contain a lot of their own the page, or even all of the results out of all site queries are out in the domain query, because the object is the domain name search. "-" command is calculated by subtracting the mean, mean it is easy to understand, but how to better use is the key, just like the situation, want to get accurate data on the website of the Shanghai love domain can use this combination of command: domain:www.***贵族宝贝 -site:www.***com, command for the current domain name query in the relevant field of love in Shanghai the number and the current domain name in Shanghai minus the amount of love included, so the result is related to the number of natural domain domain name love Shanghai the exact value of the.

It is too broad ? data

love Shanghai search engine is not query external link command, can only use "domain" command to query results page containing the current web site. Some friends will say the chain query can use YAHOO search engine, but we should all know, have a role in improving the quantity and quality of related fields to the weights of the website, and the domain command returns whether the result is related to the number of domain of real

, a query related domain

there is a problem to explain, that is when many webmaster in DOMAIN your site will find the original query for the number of thousands, but after it was found that only a few hundred pages, this is a good explanation, that is when you send the chain site limitation is relatively large, a lot of query results from the fixed several sites, love Shanghai in order to save resources and omit the multiple query results of a website, it is generally in the last page of results have suggested: in order to provide the most relevant results, we omitted some similar items, click here to see all search results.

as a Shanghai Longfeng practitioners need to know the knowledge, yesterday I shared a "master into the search engine optimization master road", whether grassroots webmaster or optimization master, but all with the website, search engine optimization, search engine marketing with relationship they all need to know. Many webmaster for the search engine is not very understanding, to fully understand and grasp the pulse of the search engine also need to know the search engine query commands, these commands can make you a more comprehensive understanding of search engine. This paper is about the concept of the command, because do not let everyone know that commands the practical application effect fundamentally. Concept description no role for the understanding and learning, here to tell you how to combine commands to achieve the query demand.