second standards: the quality of your updated content. Love Shanghai detect this two criteria, the first words. In 08 years we do original update a day is a 300 word, the ranking is stable. In the 10 years to die. Love Shanghai early recognition of words, words less than love is not updated, Shanghai did not calculate the weight will drop right. Imagine there is a website to provide users with content every day is 300 words. In my personal test at least 500 words or more obvious effect. Secondly, the updated content should be relevant to the theme of the site keywords and

as shown above, is that every update your home above articles 20% of the articles, so do the original update. I worry for this, later found 100tab promotion network (www.100tab贵族宝贝), they specifically to write original articles, writing is very good. Thank you for. To solve this problem.

Update the

    after the love of Shanghai after 6.28 all the webmaster know the value of the original article. And started doing a lot of the original, most of the webmaster can feel the original ranking changes bring. But some webmaster do some good webmaster relative effect is not very ideal, also do the original difference where

is the first standard: website content update.

third standards: the updated content to attract users to click or to help users. When the user is willing to enter the site click on the relevant content, browsing the website.

so love this has several standard

I will continue to do various tests and share the experience of Shanghai dragon.

explain why Shanghai attaches great importance to the original article: love love Shanghai wants to search keywords to get website is not dead website, did not maintain the website, is someone to manage and update the site.

detection in Shanghai

fourth standard. The proportion of such as you have 20 articles to your website at least four articles updated -6 article, update the article number is above the 20% page so as to lead to love Shanghai update homepage. If the homepage has not changed. The search engine as a dead page. This is also a lot of enterprise owners reason why search can not find the name of the enterprise.

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