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said the site of Shanghai Longfeng, many people will think of the first time is the site of the title, keywords and other labels form, of course this is when each stationmaster took over the new site need to seriously understand and think about. In addition to these, you think site optimization also includes what

keyword mainly refers to the user in the search for specific sites, and knew he wanted to go to the website which, just can’t remember or not. Enter the URL themselves, so directly enter the brand name in the search engine or related to a particular brand of words, usually the key words should be in the first row is the user want to visit the official website. Of course, this is a brand new site keywords have to think before put into the search engine

, keyword classification is in accordance with the Internet search to different, can be divided into three types: navigation, trading and information.

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maybe some people think this problem is not so simple, the station outside the station optimization optimization of two parts? Can really make you count down, Xiao Bian found a lot of people say it is only Shanghai dragon "fur" knowledge, but summed up the so-called superficial knowledge, you will find the "keyword" is every a Shanghai dragon Er will emphasize the content of course in the site optimization, key distribution, key research content needs to expand the lexicon of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners seriously. Although all the Shanghai dragon Er all know the importance of keywords, can anyone think, site keywords classification also say? Such as Anhui talent pool is the navigation key words, which can help users who do not remember the URL of the easy access to the site.


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2, tradingKeywords

which is more and more easily ranked first. Of course, this is based on your website content based on not too bad, what if there is no substantive content, want to rely on the so-called brand ranked first words is also very difficult to achieve! After all search engines are to be ranked according to the contents of the


Xiao Bian once believed that the user does not exist, after all, you know what you want which sites to visit, why use the search engine to search? Then asked a lot of friends just know, originally we have to search engines as a bookmark to use, too lazy to add to Favorites website, enter the URL of your so, simply click on the first search engine to the site


trading mainly refers to the user with an obvious purchase intention search, such as "buy razor", in recent years, the major search engines to analyze the keyword data, found that the transaction type of key words in all search terms accounted for about 10%. So if your site with a commercial nature, that is to say.