webmaster tools have been all webmaster tools, can be said to start the day from the birth of Shanghai dragon, webmaster tools also came into being together. The most famous in all the webmaster tools two is the master of the house and love the two station webmaster tools. Most of the webmaster every day in addition to use statistics and love Shanghai love Shanghai webmaster tools is the use of these two tools for data query. The two webmaster tools has also been in the forefront of webmaster tools, but in fact a year ago the ranking is not so.


we see clearly in love before there is a station webmaster helper network ranking, and now the webmaster helper nets is far fall behind. We have to analyze the cause of the discrepancy. Compared to a year ago the main reason behind love station network is the webmaster helper title and server stability of the site, you can clearly see the title words and keywords love stand too much, resulting in weight spread, even the whole website weight were higher than that of the webmaster helper nets, but is due to too many key words, resulting in a single keyword score just below the webmaster helper nets, plus a year ago love station server itself, often part of the region can not open the case, in the webmaster tools behind the keyword ranking webmaster helper network.

a year ago and now the webmaster tools Search Ranking Ranking comparison

First we look at

now love station network is far behind the ranking webmaster helper nets, we first look at the comparison of comprehensive query two website, love station tool shows that the weight value was significantly higher than that of the webmaster helper nets, love Shanghai keyword ranking is also far more than the webmaster helper nets, what is causing it? Think is operation and promotion of the role of station was not as good as the webmaster helper network single keywords webmaster tools do this love in the title, the chain webmaster helper network is only a webmaster tools, love stand but scattered a lot, but love has its own brand will stand out word love stand net success, many owners find webmaster tools the demand will direct search love station network, see the remarkable brand word index.


the function of the site itself, love station has its unique love Shanghai keyword ranking query, and the webmaster helper nets on the site some imitation home owners on the function and meaning of the owners of the house, in the same circumstances, users will want to know how to select.

is the last factor plus V certification, Adsense helper network belongs to the personal record, did not get the love of Shanghai certification website. Love station and home owners have been in love with Shanghai certification, and the brand has started to fall in love with sea and through the promotion of such cooperation, bring traffic is terrible.


The second is