above the two picture is the blog of Lu Songsong Guinness screenshots, first deputy is Hot Blog navigation, second provinces is blog. In Hot Blog navigation, the name of the blog Shanghai dragon, only ZAC of the "Shanghai daily" a dragon, and no other, but many provinces in the blog, there are a lot of the title of Shanghai dragon independent blog.



really, I’ve done such a word, do love Shanghai first, and then feel really become a master, then think of Shanghai dragon is actually so seriously, don’t have to learn, their grasp. But later discovered that their difference is not a tiny but adventitious quantity. For example, how to optimize the pure picture station, how to do Shanghai Longfeng mall, optimization method of streaming website waterfall do? For example: keywords do love Shanghai home, why so little traffic? IP out why the rate is so high? Why browsing a page will be much higher than the other from the user page? In which link, why would he come in, what is the value of the site which he


said Shanghai Longfeng independent blog, should be first thought to belong to ZAC "Shanghai dragon one day" of it, I want to do in the Chinese, Shanghai dragon, should be no people do not know this blog, this blog is to share a lot of useful knowledge about the Shanghai dragon. Do not know from what time, on the Shanghai dragon blog began to flourish, almost every city of Shanghai dragon blog, but there are a few can really keep it? There are a few can become a well-known blog

many people just learning Shanghai dragon, want to practice their learned knowledge of a blog, in fact, this is not wrong, but it is worth encouraging, the combination of theory and practice, can master their learning knowledge. But do not know from when to rise, there are always some misleading, feel the word Shanghai Longfeng do ranking how how good, oneself have become the master of the Shanghai dragon. Does not rule out, you are a master, so you do the home page, but "area + Shanghai dragon" this combination, and few people can believe. No index page is very low, so even if you do love Shanghai first, but also how, is it ready to show off? (above the picture language is not attack bloggers, if offensive, I apologize.


and so on the question, in fact there are many many, finally found, in fact Shanghai dragon was not only the keyword ranking so that the search engine in front, there are many problems to solve. The station is not only the construction of the update and within the chain and the layout of the keywords, including the page flow analysis, analysis of the needs of users, to provide something of value, Analysis >