website code and pictures in order to standardize and simplify

wrote two articles about "how to really do the optimization work site (a)" and "how to really do optimization work site (two)" article, in fact, this article should be regarded as the third sequel, out of love for the Shanghai search engine of the same title included in this paper for a consideration a title, I hope my friends can understand.

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to describe the concise and to the point from the title

is not to say that the more the content of our search engine on the web is good, a little experience of friends will find us in the optimization of the web site a concise and clear description, title keywords website title words concise and to the point than some kinds, and describe the site keywords accumulation more easily included on the website optimization, and observation now some very stable ranking sites, we can find the title and description of the website content is very concise and to the point, for example, we are familiar with the Chinaz website, we are familiar with the A5 master station, we are familiar with the major portals, the international site Title and description than we imagined simply.

how about a website there are 100 pictures, but including BMP, JPG, tiff, GIF format, this site can be recognized by search engines? A website no matter what kind of content, the best take a single format, so that search engines can crawl up without filtering or one-time transformation for the website code must be standardized, the single most effective thing, complete through the simple code, the search engine does not appear that they love the.

The optimization process in the The In front of

site may we have done the chain with high value and effective content, have high value and effective, but our website why still no good rankings? The reason for this site and concise, simple, simple of a great relationship, when the search engine spider came to the site ready to grab, and the content of the website is complicated, column variety, picture format diversity, code and so on excess will affect the overall image of the site, so our site must be concise, simple, simple, under the mask body talk.

is a simple and elegant website easier to retain users, a layout hierarchy, column clear site than a complex I that station easier for users to accept, in China we can find common people all love some simple things, in fact, as a user they don’t have too many complicated thoughts after entering the website, users can find the first time they demand content, so this website layout even if it is successful, so we in the layout of the site in the process must be simple, allowing users to search their target in the first time, and this is the most websites to do.

site layout and various programs of concise