in the web page is to introduce the "display content, good description will be very accurate to tell users what they want, that is they search for keywords, they want to know that there will be a brief introduction, interest them click browse, so this is very important. Especially some of the products and service of the website, if left in the description of the hotline, to use >

generally appear in the title, this is common sense, if our website title you get a "home page", who will know that your website is what? Who will bird you this website is search engine, or the user may only be? I think you, you you certainly know how to take care of his bird! The title role is intuitive to tell visitors what your site is.

also, if we are a small industry, also do not, and we need to get a lot of traffic in the search engine, we need to set some popular keywords in the title industry inside, these keywords ranking will bring us a very high traffic, will also bring us a high conversion.

title must have at least one brand keywords, all the big sites are generally do website brand word, they have a brand keywords, such as "webmaster nets", we will think of the Admin5, said: "master of the house we think of Chinaz, a brand of effect is the key.

We describe

, 1 keywords in the page title: assumes

Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. We all know that there is great influence the weight of the inside of the website keywords layout for the website keywords, especially some need to place keywords position, if can appear keywords, the weight will give the key words quite high. For example, the title of the website, the website description of the two positions are very critical position, if we can appear several times we need to promote the optimization of key words in the two part, it is very good. Some people say that the words on the title of the site needs to be optimized inside, put in the description of which is in the accumulation of words, I don’t think so, from our Shanghai dragon worker’s perspective, this is a very important operation, we should also adhere to a basic operation. A few places below I site keywords will appear to introduce the importance of:

, 2 keywords in page description: the important degree assumes you


keyword appears in the page description is very important, it not only say is a website, also said that each page of a web site. For example, we need to use the inside pages to do long tail keywords, and if in the description of the page inside the long tail keywords, it will give the long tail keywords density increased, also will increase the weight of the long tail word, this optimization is very good.

The The importance of