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chain wedding day

like Qingdao Shanghai dragon in the hands of the site of the chain is usually done by writing soft, so I want to tell the new Adsense, the chain method is the best to increase by writing soft, soft Wen.

last night love Shanghai and update, this update most of the chain website has increased, especially in Qingdao Shanghai dragon wedding network from yesterday jumped 4170 to 6630, Qingdao Shanghai dragon blog chain also jumped to 1990 from 619, an update is very awesome, as several other site outside the chain also a lot more, so the chain that awesome website is currently ranked steady rise, visible, strong chain for the website ranking should not be overlooked.

how to the site more outside chain, let the chain continued to surge it? It is actually very simple, as long as the "stick" is enough! With the increase of the chain website update is the same reason, we need to constantly and regularity to add and update. We often find such an interesting phenomenon, that is we in the site to increase the outer chain process, by monitoring the daily foreign chain, and found that the chain did not increase, but also reduce the (chain monitoring data of two sites can be found below), or sometimes much less, or even every day in the continuous decrease, similarly, also took the website, we are updated every day, but the content included, but on the second day that the website of the amount collected less, but also sometimes increase and decrease, we do not know whether we have this problem, in fact, the old owners basically understand how, new the webmaster more doubts, it is because of this phenomenon that many new owners think that he is not doing useless, I spent a lot of time every day to create the chain turned out to do more The less a few days up to the chain.

            here to tell the new Adsense, what you see is a short-term phenomenon, you do not have to worry about your outside chain didn’t do, as long as you do your work carefully, so that a search engine will see your efforts and pay. You can examine the effect of the chain so that is to insist on doing a week or two weeks of the chain, and then through the weekly update to love Shanghai observation sites ranking can see, in general you as long as you do the chain, then the website ranking will certainly increase however, the ranking increase according to the number and quality of the chain you do, you don’t need to go to domain to see the chain increased a few, because some of the chain of domain cannot be found, as long as we can see in the course of the ranking, the chain at the same time the site must be kept synchronized. This is the basis points.



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