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      to be realistic, such an outcome is inevitable. The result of "swarm" is that you copy me, I copy you, copy, copy, everybody is the same. Don’t be a risk investor. Even average users need to make a choice. This kind of sober actually is a good thing, cool down bring to go thick, save essence, most die out, a few have vitality bigger and stronger.

 :     video site infrastructure investment is quite large, so in the expansion period, the demand for funds is also very large, that is, the so-called burn stage. Without capital support, getting out is only a matter of time.

      dilemma 1: financing difficulties


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      in this year

Wangzhuan is not a mystery what industry, only gehangrugeshan, for people who do not understand the Wangzhuan

Do Wangzhuan

has two kinds: one kind is a full-time part-time Wangzhuan Wangzhuan. Part-time Wangzhuan is in your work life more than you do, it’s just a hobby, you don’t need to worry about, earned will be very happy, not to earn nor what pressure. But if full-time do Wangzhuan or SOHO, then you have to consider the pressure and face life, one is to conduct propaganda and promotion to the traffic and popularity may have more income, do not understand the other hand have to face the family and outsiders do not understand this, for people to say you every day do you surf the Internet at home can make money online? Is it a liar? You will face many similar problems, in this case, your pressure will be greater, as long as I get the money, let them be relieved.

streaming media network in December 18, 2006, shortly before the shlf1314’s price to $1 billion 650 million acquisition of YouTube, which makes the domestic video website to see the dawn of heaven, but also lost an example. Originally slavishly follow the pace of YouTube, China environment but can not produce such acquisitions, while the number of video sites in a short period of one year several times as a result of the explosion bubble serious. ?

is not suitable for everyone, you can see the contents of the above, and then from their own to further consider it, see if you do Wangzhuan

      dilemma two: profit trap

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      video website or layoffs, layoffs, profound feelings of the bubble Benglie crisis, perhaps, live out the winter is the future.

      venture capitalists retreat; people who look forward to investing immediately feel cold; financing becomes so difficult; profits are still just good wishes; life is tough.

 :     since last year, a large number of capital into the video field, according to incomplete statistics, the country has no less than 10 video sites successful financing, the total amount of nearly $100 million. The influx of capital has stimulated the enthusiasm of entrepreneurship, and the result is that the number of video sites has mushroomed, soaring several times in a year.

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may feel and fog, and other industries have actually what difference, for Wangzhuan, has his own views, each part of mixed, exaggerated, said what the day to earn hundreds of thousands, indeed, there is a small sip people can do, but more people are in and earn some extra money; others in the online cheated, say what Wangzhuan all is a lie, in fact, everything has its two sides, as long as you persevere, not to make money, but earn some pocket money is certainly no problem, to earn more money, then you need to make great efforts to learn network promotion, network marketing, etc. the knowledge wangzhuan.

      however, carefully calculated, to get the proportion of investment that is less than 10% of the total, and the remaining 90% did not get venture capital. And all of these financing occurred before June, and then there was no financing success.

        from the crazy influx to stop, too many people in the video quagmire unable to extricate themselves, the new round of Internet gold blink of an eye into a replica of the 2000 bubble.