Spring Festival is approaching, most of the individual owners have relaxed the previous optimization into wildly beating gongs and drums, the atmosphere of the new year, idle Jane saw the single do optimization, is the story of the day. But the difference is that the companies in this station when it is entered the most intense ranking maintenance phase. Where is the reason? The Spring Festival holiday, who will maintain the business rankings? To maintain, I cannot avoid ranking was replaced. So enterprises how to face the optimization of the holidays? Today’s own view to summarize the binary share:

during the Chinese new year the site layout and content adjustment problems.


has some ranking risks, because every day doing optimization, and forgotten it, also by search engines ignore it. Once stopped the previous optimization, these risks will fling. So is the end of the year, as an enterprise of Shanghai Longfeng engineers first thing to do is to check whether the site is the existence of these risks optimization.

2, Links check website Links recently whether there is a drop right or may be right down the site, prepared in advance. This removes the need to delete, the increase will need to increase. Because at this time there have been many websites to slow down the pace of optimization, the weight of some unstable station may be crumbling.

5. for the website we should pay attention to those matters

4, for the revision and adjustment of attention website, some people say that the new year is coming, appropriate for the website may be more conducive to traffic and sales. But the end of the year, the website stability is the most important, always website is to be careful at the end of the year, perhaps this is the basic law, and maintain the stability of the order of Xi’an Internet Security network.

(2) with keywords competition will be decreased by

(1) of the search engine algorithm will stagnate.


3, site safety inspection, to tell the truth during the Chinese new year, there are always some people lonely to find something. For example, the site has been compromised, are relatively common things, as a Shanghai Longfeng engineers not only to optimize work, but also to do security work routine, at least to check the site log if there is a problem recently.

1, the server checks, space is the foundation to ensure the normal operation of the website, and once a problem will face a fatal blow. We cannot see the server running every moment, but that in the near future Shanghai Longfeng binary engineers pay more attention to the official website of IDC information. Such as: China recently released network server migration, a lot of maintenance notice, at least you want to know whether it will affect you, as well as the influence of the time, so the server checks must be performed.

: check the ranking risks

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