1. first registered blog is best for the default template, then the blog personal information complete, by the way can take what decorate pendant, title of uniqueness, let others look like this blog look carefully, if the flow rate is large, some blog administrator checks, that is not easy to be sealed off.

as a new webmaster, no resources, no connections two, want to make the chain not something really bad, for the novice webmaster use free blog site to add the chain is the most suitable but relatively than the postings in the forum more freedom, not like the forum as often is removed, we do it in "the" word for free blog, if there is no patience and perseverance, there is no way to operate well, we must work hard to do, like our website to do the same, don’t just put it when the chain places, for a long time, these blog weight slowly up back, bring us benefits must be there.

3. published articles each don’t take a link, if each article with links to easily search engine recognition, finally the articles included blog to delete the search engine, the blog article released back to our website is not included, K is a truth, I made such a error. And the article content is best to master their own content, the content may be the low rate of false or reproduced the original article, the original is not reality, after all who is not so much time, can also be directly reproduced the contents of his master.

4. update frequency according to their own time to set a day to update a week or an update, as for the chain blog to see any energy.

here to do their own blog experience:

now unfortunately the weight of these blogs are very low, spend a longer time, not compared to before. The main reason is a lot of people a lot of garbage article, search engines have to deal with these blog. Now the new blog post did not like before so fast can be collected, we can to win, but don’t waste paper production. Since we want to do it, it is not too impatient, such as a built blog, immediately connect with the hair article, do you blog included more slowly, or even not included, I was too impatient, each article is connected, results hard for 2 months they have been in love with altitude blog hair, waste a lot of time, the chain site suddenly lost too much, then lead to site is down the right love Shanghai. So far, the weight of the website has yet to recover, it is The loss outweighs the gain.!

2. if there is time to do mass, must be written for IP, because the same time from the same IP if a large number of articles to the same place on the blog blog easy to touch automatic shielding function, which is likely to cause the articles to be deleted, severe cases can lead to all the bloggers directly don’t waste away, the