although not many people at that time, he found the atmosphere is very good, I think this is the basic difference between small companies to large companies, good corporate atmosphere and no so-called political struggle. At that time we have been searching in Hong build the Yangtze River Delta and even the national first-class optimization company, I think it is the same, but I believe that in the future the dream will be realized.

for Shanghai dragon I want to say, have a fairly good effect of a good team to improve the level of the individual Shanghai dragon. I remember the time when Mao brother often said to me, do not be too entangled in the Shanghai dragon, which is troubling us these of Shanghai dragon do not good reason optimization. In that period the working time can be said to my entire Shanghai dragon concept change. At the end of each day, we will have a meeting of technical department, do a summary of the day, everyone to do their share. Shanghai Longfeng friends, many people are not willing to put some of their share out of Shanghai Dragon technology, this is a particularly deadly, even if your technology is very cow B, one day will be out of time. Let’s share the day every mistake, advantages >

gossip does not pull, let’s continue. When the new year at home, boring with confusion, occasionally see a brother of the hair, then suddenly be attracted, suddenly discovered that he is still very tender. When Mao brother has just opened a small company, a shortage of manpower, so I just coincidental to his company.

before I have written "monthly income of 20 thousand of Shanghai dragon is how tempered" "– a green hand monthly income of 20 thousand of Shanghai dragon is how tempered — fall to the bottom", though many of my friends have bothered to read this article, but some aspects of the pursuit of love of Shanghai Dragon, cite a simple example, such as nofollow. I believe a lot of friends will be very tangled in the nofollow, use the nofollow that is like learning a skill of Shanghai dragon technology. In fact, what really is the case, if you have time you can see the A5 home there, which is why many people think why Shanghai dragon is very confused, including before I is the same, too pursuit of art.

When I went to

, there are some small companies are basically young, 90 mainly, let me this 85 is really Alexander, feel really is much older. Just to the company, let me have a good thing, is a hospital in Shanghai for love to teach us the company management, which is quite rare at the time, even now, I want to be able to receive this list in Hangzhou network company is in one hand. Of course, I became the best candidate. Love Shanghai bidding is not particularly difficult, it is important to practice a lot, not half a month basically also can be very good to use, of course, this is a digression.