Ali mother as an advertising platform, Adsense only with this platform to deal with, and do not directly deal with advertising flagship. Ali mother should have the appropriate system, the corresponding technical ability to restrict advertisers, to identify whether advertisers effective return data, and whether the data >

through this thing, that ugly point, Ali and her mother is a liar accomplice, lobbyists, mom technology is not in place, the responsibility is not in place

1, industry characteristics

brand promotion on the use of these strokes, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan

mom in a forum, many webmaster post reflect, Ali mother pay advertising, such as UUSEE, is a liar, the vast majority of Web site linked to this type of advertising, not a penny of income.


! !

not long ago, Ali’s mother launched a paid advertising effect, but also invited all the media coverage, Ali really scenery, and seems to have really become the third.

to Ali mother’s forum to see, a lot of complaints paid by effect, advertising is liar see below.

is it possible? Is this normal? My website sh419 cooperation promotion income every day is normal, even Ali other advertising, every day there will be no income, may be placed in the best location of the ads, but no income! Besides, I visited the not too small

did not expect, really did not expect, advertising hung for a week, a penny income did not. I check the code carefully to make sure it’s correct. To ask Ali community service, they can not explain why there is no income, just tell me how do I check check the income, income will not be in the website? Time to understand these so-called customer service is a group of plain white rice will only eat a good for nothing, what to do.

I think maybe the data is delayed. Wait a minute. I’m not full-time, so I don’t go backstage every day. After another week, the income is still zero.

in individual posts, there are some vest in Ali to help talk, said Ali mom credible, but UUSEE is a liar. This statement seems to absolve Ali of responsibility. However, Ali’s mother’s responsibility, anyway, can not be thrown off!

launched pay advertising after Ali, I saw one of the ads UUSEE network movie very much, a payload of 7 cents, I personally try UUSEE, the result is good to watch the film, so they apply for the ads, and the best position of ads on all my sites at the same time, the sh419 cooperation in the promotion of similar popular movie removed.

first talk about my personally put Ali mom paid advertising according to the effect of the situation. Several of my small stations, about 2000IP per day, 5000PV, the current launch of sh419 cooperation promotion, Ali Mom Click and pack week advertising, monthly income of about 500 yuan.