for every webmaster, site in Shanghai love rankings will directly affect the web traffic, so every webmaster spare no effort through a variety of ways to improve the friendliness of spiders in exchange for the efficiency and frequency of spider visit, the editor from the actual work experience summarizes 8 aspects should pay attention to the details, and you share to make common progress.

3. in the layout of the page, there will need to post title and content correlation links, improve reading and scalability, it can keep visitors to, because the spider is just a special visitor, it is from the perspective of the viewer to crawl the page, so visitors love content. Need to find something when we do the content page to note, here need special mention of the original and practical articles, such as a product for the key enterprise website should be from the unique description and analysis of the industry, product specifications, process, process, advantage and so on of the enterprise itself unique opinion about products, the same industry and avoid too much the same thing, from the content to the spider a new feeling,

1. page layout: This is a website home page to place text skills, for the general business station, in addition to place the company profile, product images, outside the case to the main key refined throughout the site, and around every keyword original write a paragraph of text, general control in about 100 words, and distribution of each paragraph and reasonable to the first page to be placed around, avoid piling up reasonable conditions, also at the site when columns should be set up at least 3-4 columns, and display in the home call, the purpose is to post updates and display to attract the spider to grab do preparation, website code level up to two layers, to avoid too many layers of nested, should try to use DIV+css to write and to reduce the volume of the home page, and general control In less than 100K.

4. software marketing: here make this point is mainly because love Shanghai has Links in the scoring system in the proportion decreased, and pay more attention to the content of the site itself and the construction of the high quality of the chain, Shanghai love to do so is to use to keep your visitors search for love in Shanghai, so the chain site itself from where the website content are very important influence on the overall high quality website ranking and the ranking of the stability, the current love Shanghai support regular play platform.

2. list page layout: enterprise website especially products and the list page set TITLE, KEYWORD, as a very important DESCRIPTION, which can be set by the corresponding main keywords and derived from the long tail keywords, and the main keywords in the description of withdrawals, to improve the content correlation. In addition to the ALT attribute of the picture should be set to complete, in order to improve the recognition of pictures of spider,