love Shanghai Scindapsus aureus algorithm 2 stationmaster, exclaimed, soft after not do, Shanghai dragon also has become more and more difficult. Guangzhou Forum (, for 2 to the Scindapsus algorithm One divides into two. to look at. Although 2 of the soft industry Scindapsus algorithm carried out a major reorganization, but the industry is not dead. From the point of view of love Shanghai Webmaster Platform Lee algorithm and 2 Scindapsus interpretation of love Shanghai Webmaster Platform publicity cases, the main algorithm is against the soft trading platform and a lot of profit through the soft news portal website and soft benefit, the former two mainly is Qianlong, Ali micro micro site that, while the latter is the use of soft Wen the chain of the site, which also accounted for the majority of owners. Strictly speaking, these three types of targets covering all sites using marketing profit, but from the point of view for example against soft, not all of the text will be hit, only those who do not have any correlation between plagiarism and pseudo original, with links to web site content, content of >

in February this year, Shanghai launched a love to fight against Scindapsus algorithm 1, the chain and the sale of the chain of cheating. Then a number of chain trading platform was severely hit, the chain and the chain sale cheating effect has been largely cut out. You can love 1 makes a lot of Shanghai Scindapsus aureus site has been seriously affected, but also to further regulate the function of the link on the website of Shanghai dragon in, let the chain optimization more healthy and orderly. We all know that the chain site in Shanghai Longfeng plays a pivotal role, if a website has a lot of high quality the chain and good internal link structure, is very effective for weight lifting. But over the years, link trading, link cheating has let the chain optimization becomes very disorderly, had previously heard Google ready to cancel the PR value, there is speculation that concerned with this, but it is very important to the role of the chain, it is difficult to find in a short period of time to cancel the substitution rules.

The on-line

in algorithm 1 Scindapsus launched shortly after, many webmaster and Shanghai dragon Er speculated that love Shanghai blow finished outside the chain, will hit the soft, after all, the chain has a direct link with the soft, soft marketing largely in order to optimize the chain. This worry is not without reason, because the current marketing market is uneven, all kinds of marketing platform are connected to various kinds of soft news station, a lot of information, the existence of irregularities and edge ball phenomenon, although there are advantages of soft, but the soft with low quality, the search engine doesn’t blow, may also not good for you. If in July 1st fell in love with the sea line Scindapsus algorithm 2, said it will release station, soft trading platform of soft, soft benefit station blow filter to clear the rubbish outside the chain, the appropriate punishment for the target site. 2 of a number of Scindapsus algorithm through a large number of soft news sites and soft profit trading platform for the publicity, it is understood that this batch of websites has been right down, and some through the soft benefit from a large number of sites, the soft chain weight is also affected.