2, 404 pages may be the target link is broken. For example, a user wrote an article in the A5 after the love of Shanghai included, but users feel that this article is not well written, and then delete this article, then you can set 404 page, tell the spider crawls through the 404 page feedback information will be updated.

3, increase user confidence in the site. Just contact the webmaster at first do not seem to understand what is the 404 page, mistakenly think that it is invalid link processing tools. If the author is when a site is not open, and does not automatically jump to other pages, I will not take the initiative to return to the home page in this web site, and greatly reduces the user experience, and that this site is not friendly. When a friendly 404 page invite you to visit the other page, your interest will instantly be brought back, not tired of feeling on the site. The 404 page is very considerate, users can give 3 to 5 seconds of rest during the browsing.


1, we all know that 404 page is invalid links all shield site. Invalid link has two types: one is the webmaster accidentally deleted the content in the website, the other is a website, that cannot access the correct link address. Smart owners will set up 404 pages to guide users to browse the site to return to the higher level of other content.

regardless of the site’s home page or inside pages, to attract users to the flash point. The home station flash able to impress users, while A5 flash point enables the user to browse all classified information, even if the page problem will not let users just to upset with customers in order to establish friendly relations.

clear 404 page


4, how to help you help the user experience

built a website of friends have such experience, the 404 page is nothing more than invalid connection jump, jump there are two options, one is to choose the user jump, another is the website automatically jump. Some owners in the setting of 404 pages, only consider the optimization ranking, and did not consider the user’s body.

everyone will make little emotion in a bad mood when the site is no exception, it is also sometimes appear to be 404 pages (user input incorrect URL or management of the site does not accidentally delete a page). In order to solve the unnecessary trouble, we have to improve the site, first from the site optimization and user experience. In general, many webmaster to 404 pages as invalid links, think there is also nothing. Why don’t we and those ordinary people doing something special.? why don’t we seize the user experience, let you browse the website the user back to the start page browse more content? How can we improve the invalid link, improve the user experience of