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does not match the rhythm of your enterprise development financing. All financing must be at the right time, the right stage, get the right money. Because each investor has its own management partners, have LP, have their revenue targets, it is impossible to invest more than expected money.

back to where I first started in 2009, where did the first seed money come from?

at that time I was after graduating from college in Canada, an airline and other jobs earned savings, about about 500000 yuan, all invested in their own company. I feel that the seed stage, you dare to cast their own very important. This will inevitably lead to others dare not vote for you.

The second stage is

we go through a process during the turn round of angel A, which is the required course for Entrepreneurs: no money how to do? In 2009, we do online diabetes management software, a year later, found a fire up, the amount of daily activity when the worst is only one person. By October 1, 2010, we have no money on the account, and this product does not make money, how to do this situation?

at that time we probably have four or five small partners, everyone’s idea is to finance. But the product data and service forms are not enough to support their continued investment in this state how to finance it?.


to chat in a circle, found no one talking to us. How to do it?. Here’s the experience: when there is no money, the most want to make money, rather than financing. At the end of 2010, we started outsourcing money.

in the process of making money, there are two problems. First you will find that you do not dare to develop. For example, there are 20 people in my company, was probably about to earn $80 thousand a month, but the rent, utilities and labor costs after the 80 thousand, there is no money. Once the money will be used for the development of new business development, or recruitment of some cattle come in, the money is not enough to spend. So we use this money to maintain the state and survival of 20 people. But it’s important to make money at this stage.

so I think entrepreneurs do not have money, you must first want to make money, rather than financing. Financing is leverage, but never is fundamental.

to 2011, we are in a struggle between survival and development stage; in fact, the choice of financing is a correct node. 2012 dawn appeared. We do "aunt Kitty," this product, we had good data in the medical industry There was no parallel in history. years of exploration in the process of. In App Store, we add 800 users a day, and not a penny invested. By 2012 of March, there were about 260 thousand users. This data is very nice, but the reality is that no one is still investing money.

why? First, who did you learn from?