through the inurl: instruction query to the chain resources a lot, but how to find related in these chain resources in


is so visible we can be the two instruction together (such as: inurl:bbs intitle: Education) in search of love Shanghai, we find the results of all the resources and education forum.

inurl: I believe every Shanghai dragon friends all know his purpose, inurl: you can check the specified link address, such as: the chain of what we do is forum, so we can love Shanghai in the search box input (inurl:bbs) to search in the search results we can see is the BBS forum.

every day to visit N many forums, but in every forum will be able to see some of Shanghai Longfeng compatriots in search of a same answer: "I don’t know how to do the chain, do not know how to look for the chain resources!" the chain below the author to Shanghai Longfeng compatriots to explain how to find high quality, we all know that the benefits associated with their industry chain most, so how do we go in search of their associated with this industry chain resources


finally I remind you: must note that we do in the chain, the chain should keep a good experience, it is also told Shanghai Longfeng compatriots not to do search engine optimization, should the user experience to optimize

intitle: Here we will use the intitle command, this command: everyone should know is a directive for the title, such as we are doing the education industry, so we also love Shanghai in the search box input (intitle: Education) to search in the search results can see all the same the title contains the "

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