of course sometimes events can not put their tight web optimization up, this time how to do? Try the station. Love is very good in Shanghai Post Bar enrich the content of original high easy to get good rankings especially in the competition under the condition of strong (new heat up word competition strength is not great, of course). Do you want to put in the comments, now strict examination. Can also be done in reading inside his encyclopedia. And the use of micro-blog micro-blog keyword. In this not list.

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page optimization can refer to love Shanghai index, Google webmaster tools in the selection of above keywords and so on. To a certain extent, the higher the index represents the word search volume is greater. The optimization index of high word may "get traffic will be greater. But often there will be a large number of high index words "in the competition, the words do spend a lot of time and effort is not necessarily say 100% can go up, actually not necessary so.

love apartments in the third quarter was released, from the TV itself out of the first quarter and the second quarter is very fire, third quarters of a TV media campaign immediately. A lot of relevant information by the news and interested friends will go online to the TV play, interested in the news friends will have a lot of questions such as: what the third season when released ah, in which television premiere and so on. At this time if we put the words "love apartments in the third quarter" make up ", we can immediately obtain considerable IP. Do webmaster friends all know IP=RMB. Oh

Popular word We all know that

such as a few days ago "washbasin" is also in love apartment there, on the second day three day period of 120 thousand index suddenly rose highest figure:

China has a population of 1 billion 400 million, every year, every month or even every day in the event of a lot of things, but some things are of concern to everyone, it will cause a lot of people to search for relevant information of the event. And we’re going to get traffic from search using this. For example:

theory is that as long as we can continue to find the hot events, hot words then we will continue the growth of traffic. This article is to have independent flow distress webmaster friends, hope to be able to give you some inspiration. Original address: 贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon bee.net/html/readhtml28/