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published in September 2000 the "People’s Republic of China Telecommunications Ordinance" requirements: "between telecommunication networks shall be in accordance with the technical feasibility and economic rationality, fairness and justice, the principle of mutual cooperation, to achieve interoperability." However, the Internet interoperability in a long period of time, it is only heard the stairs sound, not everyone down. And a telecommunications industry in the technical staff in an interview with reporters that, for a long period of time, the difference between different network speed problems will continue to exist.

5, don’t trust your hired PR. Listen to what others say. Self confidence can accomplish great things, arrogance and self deceit are the poisons of enterprise. Ponzi king Madoff also began a good law-abiding businessman, then in order to satisfy their own desires and arrogance, continue to listen to others, a good start, take illegal means to extort money, hurt too many people. Always remind yourself of what you are going to do, and remember what you are capable of.

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1, before you start a business, please honestly determine whether you have business talent and whether you can get a group of people. Entrepreneurs are no longer employees, and successful entrepreneurs need strict, self disciplined entrepreneurs. The reason why most entrepreneurs fail is because the entrepreneur thinks he is still an employee, and he is not competent as a leader or entrepreneur. He still wants to do the traditional work concept and do what he has been arranged to do. Joke says, if give employee one day when the opportunity that leads, he certainly can give oneself leave a holiday, such employee absolutely does not have the qualification to start an undertaking. Do entrepreneurs think they need to do, especially those who are not good to do, just ordinary employees avoid being seen escape problems.

2, spend money carefully, treasure every penny. Even with VC companies, you should spend money carefully and see the money as your own. Pay the rent, utilities, buckle oil meters, instant noodles, coupled with the wages of employees, should be "haggle over every ounce."". Many start-ups in the product has not yet developed before they have closed down, and some are owed a lower debt.

3, remember, "a male companion is like a base, and a companion is like a wife."". Your start-up partner should be as close and close as your spouse. Pick a partner should be as careful as pick wife, otherwise, may bring disastrous consequences.

business hardships, entrepreneurship is not easy, we saw a lot of entrepreneurial success, entrepreneurs unlimited examples, people envy. But not everyone has the ability to start a business. In order to avoid the failure of entrepreneurship to the greatest extent, in the business, please understand the following five things, or to the business, late may regret too late.


brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced 500-1000 yuan

4, try your best to do market test. In the stage of entrepreneurship planning, everyone has his own market view. But not everyone’s point of view is correct, only those who have carefully investigated the market, and truly understand the consumer demand point of view, in order to pass the test of the market, a career success.