Hello, I am a little webmaster 90. Once in the webmaster nets have published several articles, the results were OK, there are many websites reproduced in my article. Incidentally, soft Wen is really a good use of the chain method. Just soft requirements are relatively high, are well written, can be reproduced.

1. content is king, the chain for the emperor. I think all of this sentence is not strange. I started the day from the station, on day two of original articles. I seldom use false original, only when the time is too late, only a false, and the false is thorough, always check over whether to write out smooth. Because now the love Shanghai spider IQ is high, if you are not fluent of statements made hard too much, is not enough. Here I want to say, as the original really false original. Also, your mind is afraid of impact on the website and pseudo original article, be roughly the same with the time and original off an article, so I do not recommend the total station to enrich the pseudo original website.

2. more original and site theme related, because whether it is love Shanghai.


for Shanghai dragon, there must be ten years of spirit. But, you know, the best is not Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon. This saying that although the mouth, but it really is the highest realm of Shanghai dragon technology. Now the love of Shanghai is not very stable, many webmaster due to optimize keywords traces too obvious, resulting in ranking is not good, even by K, is the truth. How do persist? I would say that the original now.

two, I focus on the Shanghai dragon aspect of it, because I was in Shanghai Longfeng, of course CaiShuXueJian, said the wrong place also please enlighten. I want to write this article, because yesterday I looked at my keywords ranking, found to love Shanghai second pages. What is not possible for you, but for me, it is a great encouragement. Because before my website in Shanghai did not, check key words, which are in hundreds of away, don’t mention how much I discouraged. In Google can work, some long tail word also came in the top of the first page of several web page ranking is also good. So, I would like to take this opportunity to talk about their feelings, let those I update the novice from it.

today, I would like to say I’m from the site of some experience, some experience, I want to help everyone.

, since the decision to site, then you don’t want to will be difficult. Choose a good road, kneeling to walk it. We often say that attitude is everything, I think the positive attitude is half of success. So, don’t hesitate, determined to choose suitable space and domain name. I think now that you have decided to do so, what type of website your heart has several. So to choose your space and domain name. I will not say more.