when learning before Shanghai Longfeng is often that the predecessors can not easily modify the title of the site, the slightest mistake will be a big problem. Just listen, do not rest assured, at this time of change, the title three times a month, my blog was hit. The first two did not like what the problem is, the third time it happened, since a few days ago to modify the title (look), leading to the blog not updated snapshot, included the giant drop from 305 to 13 when the No. 36 today (especially love Shanghai, the other search engines are normal) a few words the rankings are slightly decreased, the situation is not optimistic.

so it was not long before I have a new idea, feeling the Shaoyang Shanghai dragon the main keywords also do the home page. This blog is not what the goal, is not for me, not law-abiding people, life can not pursue. So what happened to see an article called leveraging the keywords of the article, said everyone is familiar with the wheat bags intercepted Taobao and happy net flow of the article, it immediately aroused my goals, so I want to capture a word flow. So think of our most famous Shanghai Dragon – Moonlight blog blog. The Moonlight blog love Shanghai index five hundred or six hundred, and the main keywords I was fifty or sixty, I think that if the keywords cut over too cool, it is actually the competition is not fierce, so I turned in the blog on the back of the word for the word Moonlight blog, blog traffic has intercepted the moonlight. I want a Shanghai update snapshot ranking can come up, because of the magnitude of the modification is not particularly large, Shanghai is still pretty love in your face, just give me a snapshot of the second, can make me depressed is to get a half months lengshi movement. Is actually the inside pages of the rankings of the Moonlight blog more than 200 of the original people, the weight of the inside pages are so high. This time I was depressed, ready to give up, and so began the disastrous third times to change the title of journey, third times to get rid of this title is just four words a bit, think.

is a problem we must first find the cause, after careful investigation and finally the results might be too frequent to modify the title, within a month on three may, let search engines slow however God, the love of Shanghai confused, it estimates halo on the lower my right, in fact I think the site is can modify the title, but I too often lead to the consequences of today, remember the first time to modify the magnitude is the biggest, we can look at my first title: Hunan Shaoyang Shanghai dragon Website Optimization — the first person to Shanghai dragon fuunsaiki membership [business to Shanghai dragon brand] I change the actual training camp in Shanghai Longfeng, the magnitude of the modification count on the great, but the core keywords have not changed, so love Shanghai second days give me a snapshot. I thought such drastic changes and believe in the love of Shanghai to recognize a few days to recognize at the time, but I was surprised to love Shanghai second days to update quickly my photos, I was also very happy, thinking about who can not change the title, this is not a good thing, half. No.