love Shanghai to update their algorithm, this is a very normal thing. But careful friends is not difficult to find, the last of the 3 cases > I listed in

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these 2 days have been brewing in the A5 say what, do not have a good theme. Following last week’s big 5 update, I stand and several webmaster friends stand all there are a lot of problems, everyone said many online. Today and everyone here to share some love about Shanghai after the update, we need to do what. Of course, this is my personal opinion, for reference only.

– site increase chain also rose steadily in

Third types of website?Second types of

is do the most happy thing, but how can we do this? When one of my friends and I discuss this issue, his words gave me great inspiration. He said he almost did not what the chain, but the hands are tens of thousands of stations ip. When he shared his experience of his website said: pay attention to the quality of. He asked each article published, must stand in the perspective of the viewer to write. High quality articles can help him bring a lot of fixed customers, at the end of each article he will share this reminder. So his article recognized also by the amount of the transfer. Domain his station found his site outside the chain number as high as about 200000. The number of terrorist, estimated if like me every hair 15 outside the chain to 10 thousand days, ha ha.

, the number of the chain website, website, website keywords ranking have overall decline. The webmaster may hate to love Shanghai. One of my friends to the station that is the case, complaints over, we analyze his website as a result of this, there is nothing more than these types of situations, the first site outside the chain does not update or update rule is poor, the high quality of the chain is almost no, most are some signature chain. Second website articles are copied, I analyze the friend’s site can even see his article leave it station site, the one word does not change. You can see how this love Shanghai station do you favor

– site outside the chain increased, the article included reduction of

first type – site comprehensive right down

This type of

the good words website belongs to this type of approach, a period of time before their own thoughts. The chain is basically my own hair, can persist in the 15 effective chain number every day (excluding signature garbage chain). Links plate, I basically is 1 weeks exchange around 3-5, but also for the problem of the friends of the chain give up (of course first seek the consent of the other party). In the editor, I basically comes from the network, although not completed on time at 7-9 PM, but due to poor originality, so there is also a reduction in expected I included a large number of things.