again talk about how to use the channel to do network business, remember I curse people, people want me to write review. If the business people will forever shut my door, but my classmates do business, criticize others, others also to curry favor with him to buy things, why? Because my classmates channel, he was selling a pen on the network, the price of a 300-400 pen, typically a few tens of thousands of pieces of box the money is mainly his brand, Hongkong goods to low price than the mainland, his website is ranked first in sh419, although some people do this, but no better than him, because of his good channel, Hongkong brand goods price lower than the mainland, so people can buy scold. Of course we use channels in many places, such as some time ago to see someone on the Alibaba to buy a small motor, I found the last time at the mall saw a market price is 200, but the people in the network to find the price of 800, so I made a profit this list can earn 600 yuan. In fact, the use of channels in many places, such as your writing fierce, you can sell couplets, according to their own resources and the actual situation to do now.

speaking in front of us to have business to do business, to make money on snakeskin based hardship. Money has hard money, and easy money. This requires our network businessman’s second practice, good connections, grasp the market, find a good channel for you to pave the way for the use of others for you to sell coolies, and so on.

finally talk about how to use the other for your hard, do not own business every day to run a business, you can find some people to run, people team strength, the benefits are also great, remember the "Jia Wenjun incident" to remove the cost earned 5 digits. He is more than 800 people at the same time please post, registered more than ID20000, more than 10 replies, "Jia Wenjun incident the night before your mother calling you home for dinner" became popular on the Internet, is said to be a company to do the planning for world of warcraft. The head of the company asks some people to work hard for him, so can you

how do we practice, first of all talk about how we use personal connections to do business, do many kinds of network products, but some things are not ordinary people can afford, such as news to the examination and approval, to national health supervision. Below I talk about on the relationship developed, such as the deer is the national examination and approval, the price is more expensive, you can buy a 3000-4000 yuan, 08 years when I was planning the site found that the deer is deer, wild animal protection, the general farmers dare not raise, because I was afraid of the forestry bureau approval is not down to this go to the province to approve, Never mind people difficult to buy your account. Another price so expensive, open a farm has more than 10-20, the average farmer can not afford. This time we can use some government approval down, open up the channels in the network, with the approval of the national brand to sell, said in the approved enterprises, so the market big, rare, so we can salvage a.


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