at that time, the cheetah moved also called Kingsoft network. April 3rd, cheetah moved to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission SEC submitted IPO initial public offering application documents. At the same time, Kingsoft network was renamed "cheetah mobile". Cheetah mobile prospectus shows: plans to raise up to 300 million U.S. dollars of funds through IPO transactions.

shortly after the Spring Festival this year, the cheetah mobile CTO Xu Ming, CMO Liu Xinhua and his entourage came to San Francisco, there are two tasks, one is in the United States RSA information security conference, another task is to recruit, expand U.S. branch. The United States branch has two tasks, one is R & D, and two is marketing and business cooperation.

summary, four more than the recommended Wangzhuan project is a large portal, absolutely reliable. I chose to do Taobao off projects, good income, the main is to help Taobao customers to establish their own Taobao guest website, I :398008485 I have a Taobao customer source website: www.taobaocat.>

has been on the market for five years, and even in the fast growing Internet industry, cheetahs can be considered a miracle.

4: Pig Wangzhuan project. Pig net should be regarded as one of the largest and better Witkey websites in china. The main characteristic is to collect all kinds of civil tasks, and to provide solutions to those who have the ability to obtain benefits. Pig is the more successful, but also inseparable from the promoter of the promotion, and successfully promote and let others publish an effective task, will get a certain proportion of the commission. Specific practices can search "pig eight nets promotion" landing, apply for an account.

1: Taobao guest Wangzhuan project. Taobao passengers have actually been around for 2 years, although more and more people do Taobao customers, but the total amount of commission given by Taobao is also more and more natural. So this project as long as well, money is considerable, you only need to have a Taobao account login, Ali mother, gets a PID, and then get one of their own commodity promotion links, regardless of micro-blog, , blog, website, Forum promotion to any form and you will have successful trading in Taobao 0.5%-50% the Taobao customer commission. Specific practices can visit Ali mom website.

According to the

3: Net Wangzhuan project. At present, people network is also the site classification information network Chinese relatively large, but with the continuous advertising network of 58 city and Ganji, people network can hardly see any TV advertising, this is mainly due to the net has a people alliance, called netizens to help promote the registered users and classified information. You will get a commission of 1-3 yuan if you promote your registered user via your own proprietary link and send a message in a particular category. Specific practices can search "people alliance" landing, apply for an account.

in recent years, with the Internet Internet banking transaction volume expansion, Wangzhuan more and more, as long as you are diligent and clever, may earn tens of thousands there is no longer a myth. Now I will introduce a few real absolutely reliable wangzhuan.

but two people are still very young, not afraid to beat, as the years of old partner, good friends, two people began preparations for the two venture. Not long after, a company called "cattle software" was born in a cottage on the outskirts of Beijing. 3Q during the war, the surgeon Lei Jun, Kingsoft cattle and security of the business combination, the new company was renamed Jinshan network.

mobile cheetah prospectus, cheetah in 2013 fourth quarter revenue of 269 million 170 thousand yuan, of which revenue from the PC side of 237 million 900 thousand yuan, the mobile terminal revenue is 31 million 270 thousand yuan, mobile terminal revenue accounting has reached 11.6%.

and Cheetah mobile CEO Fu Sheng is staying in Beijing, ready to go to the United States listing matters. At that time, the cheetah has moved to the SEC secret listing application report, and ready to submit a listing application report to the public at the appropriate time SEC.

2: VANCL Wangzhuan project. In recent years, from the capital VANCL a year than the year the volume of trade, is almost known to every family, but a large part of it is due and VANCL launched a promotional item, if you apply for an account and then promote the alliance VANCL, accounts for one of their own commodity promotion address, through the , blog, micro-blog, forum, website promotion out and succeed in VANCL you will get a certain percentage of trading commission. Specific practice can search "VANCL website alliance" landing, apply for an account.

on the last day before the Chinese New Year holiday, Lei Jun appeared at the seat of the Mobile Corporation Office of the cheetah, Beijing East scroll information of the three ring Fosun building. Lei Jun has served as chairman of the cheetah mobile, the chairman raiser "said Lei Jun to the cheetah move a lot of things, the most important thing is to discuss the listing plans in the United states.

mobile cheetah prospectus, 2011 revenue of about 140 million yuan, about $287 million in 2012 2013, about 750 million yuan about $124 million, the annual growth rate of more than 100%. Net profit grew faster, 2011 net loss of approximately 30 million yuan, in 2012 net profit of about 9 million 800 thousand yuan, in 2013 net profit of about 62 million 20 thousand yuan.

this reporter Hou Jiyong, Beijing reported

in the city of the first peak of the fire did not destroy the Internet industry, the two men and entrepreneurial engineering story began.

2008, Fu Sheng and Xu Ming have left 360, are 30 years old. The streets of Beijing in the autumn bleak brilliantly illuminated.

cheetah lightning development