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23 million college textbooks and 490 thousand kinds of books 2-8 fold!
              on campus the preferential price, more about the


        the user purchase over 50 yuan, the national free shipping
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      there are many publishers who are very interested in referrals, and many publishers are writing letters about specific details about promotion policies. Today, we will give a detailed introduction of the promotion policy.

      first of all, we usually say for Conent AdSense advertising including AdSense, for and Search promotion, so all can not be put in AdSense Conent for websites such as copyrighted material, or adult pornography, gambling and other hackers, content, can not be put in a referral button or guide the promotion page links.

      many publishers already know that some publishers have received our notification letters, and now we don’t allow publishers to use online advertising to promote products on the site. The online ads here are not just shlf1314 AdWords, but all other forms of online advertising.

      in addition to online advertising, publishers can not to promote transformation and use the purchase search ranking, or through text links, pictures, links Flash link method to artificial traffic to recommend page.

      in addition, our plan policy does not prohibit publishers from making independent referral pages for referrals. Publishers can make independent referral pages for referrals. If your site is rich in content, and when you make a website devoted to promote products ", and do not use online advertising, pictures and text links any human form to guide the flow from outside the site to this page, you will not violate our policies, you can safely put promotion advertising.

      however, if you use online advertising, pictures and text links to guide the flow from the external party legal person to this page, or your entire site is purely in order to put promotion and production, no other content, it would be a violation of our policies, we will stop advertising promotion the display on your site.

      come talk about referrals to click on the policy, our policy, publishers can reasonable introduction and promotion promotion of our products, but you can’t

      1. to promote products such as "hype with AdSense earned dollars, earn 500 dollars a month".