just started to contact the guest every day, the mechanical uploading a commodity, repeating paste copy of the work, because of the Tao way of making money or more interested in, feel that Ali mother is by the Alibaba to build the platform, should be long for the higher efficiency. All advertising alliance before the day, the very hard Wangzhuan process, although there is little achievement, but every day, tired to go to sleep until early morning, when you come to think of it really wasn’t worth it, because of Ali mother cat is interested in the website, desperately their net increase goods promotion, because of their own do women feel just station, very suitable for this kind of advertising Tao guest.

, such as micro-blog and WeChat, micro-blog, but in the past few years, the fire can not be a product, the whole nation to brush micro-blog, and now,

estimates that many people have forgotten his account, ha ha. The Internet industry is so realistic.

1. tactical force, strategic force is poor. Happy net is a company that lacks foresight but is very hard to execute

guest nearly a year’s time, there is also sad joy in this year, there is pain and happiness, can be said to do a year in continuous groping for how to do a more profitable website.

is known to the outside world, the founding team of happy net is the original Sina Technology Department, led by Cheng Binghao, a group of people, which is consistent with all of a startup’s imagination, but the success of the company of engineers on the eve of the rapid development of the timely complement to the team, increase the operation, product, market. HR and other aspects of the master, unfortunately not the lucky happy net. One dimensional management team must be in a multi-dimensional world head broken and bleeding.

yes, happy net, do you remember,


for about a week, too tired, the thought of paying a few MM to add, then suddenly found the 3 to MM per person, a monthly salary of 300 yuan, every day 30 goods, started as a guest is from the duck’s egg began, about a month later about time, still not a penny of income, they have spent 900 yuan to pay the three MM. So I do not have any confidence, so I began to give up the idea.

old age analysis of the development history of happy net, give everybody a guide.

three strong three difference unhappy

Internet industry’s most ruthless

but this time, no more people are allowed to add goods, because there are already thousands of items of information in the past month. So, in constant pondering is the number of goods, that income, or the quality of goods determines income?. So he began to try to do some special, because it is precisely the time of winter, winter sweater, scarf and so on more popular products, so he specially selects those selling well, the price is not high commodity, special production of several. At that time, the requirement for myself was to make a special topic every week. In this way, adhere to a month time, made three or four topics. And recommend these topics to the home page and content page for promotion, publicity. The result is really effective, almost every day there are a few dollars, even one day in more than 80 dollars, by Ali’s mother found that this person is actually the background wholesale, including a sweater, a wholesale more than 200, there are several different wholesale sweater dozens of pieces, then this sweater Commission "

After adding

over the past 2 years, happy network into the long transition road, and constantly introduce new products, trying to recall old users to attract new users, but all kinds of means seems to be rarely effective. If the happy net does not find the origin of the problem to carry on the adjustment, even if "adjusts the organizational structure, the discovery initial enterprise fervor" also is futile.

even if you were sitting on billions of dollars yesterday, today there is another new product, it will drop in value, and the user will leave you in a flash.

one dimensional management team,

happy net has become the star of the past, the reason stems from the strong Engineer culture. Although the product can achieve the operation and service, but was the snub, lack of rapid response capabilities. Happy network although the scenery is no longer, but did not go to the end, still have the opportunity to stage a comeback.


finally in second months do not know the first few days, landing mother backstage, finally found 3.5 yuan Commission income. Although only 3.5 yuan, but I was still happy with his wife ran immediately that my guest finally have the income, the excitement, still remember. And this time often can see some people exposed into thousands or even more than 10 days through the guest to earn tens of thousands of the mom in a forum of income. Although don’t believe, but you still believe that the guest is certainly can earn some money. Then again, picked up his guest confidence.

happy net of the mistakes is actually a class of startups in the rapid burst of red after falling problem, find the problems of these happy net squat company to help fledgling companies:

happy net from the founder, to the night of the explosion Honker like a cloud, and the decline was strongly concentrated No one shows any interest in the whole process, in less than 2 years, this coaster is a wonderful scene for all people.

bursts of loneliness after the worst, the world is so real, you red lights flash to open eyes, once the dog ignored out. The Internet industry more than 10 thousand times the real entertainment, the entertainment can only rely on past pop song will continue to walk around the small Qinghe County in enterprises, has been the site and even head low to the crotch of the humility to provide free services are difficult to exchange a few decibels of applause.