investment amount: $80 million

editor’s note: some people joke: "investors are loudly preaching good, secretly buried dead."".

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"speak loudly, and bury the dead.". Shikhar Ghosh, a VC researcher at Harvard Business School, rated investors.


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yes, we do. We all know. What about the dead,

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Mcglaughlin uses "Online + entity + mail order" Trinity multi-channel distribution model. With the rapid development of China’s electricity supplier, the three legged strategy is designed to control each other, resulting in unclear strategy, loss of core competitiveness, and the seeds of "transition difficulties" for the future. The industry of Mcglaughlin’s concern about the continuing decline in long-term losses, let Mcglaughlin pressure alexander.

failed: in February 2008, Sequoia Capital spent $80 million acquisition of part of Mcglaughlin shares, which is Sequoia’s largest single investment in the country. In October 2010, Mcglaughlin went to the United States market, to become the "first" Chinese B2C shares, the initial listing price of $18 to the crazy, known as penny stocks. But 2012-1013 two years, Mcglaughlin continuous huge losses, on the verge of delisting risk.

even if this time in the "Forbes" ranked slightly behind Zhu Xiaohu, but also through drops, reflected customers, ofo, hungry and other classic cases, a large number of Unicorn in custody. By virtue of the sinister vision and bursting with luck, Zhu Xiaohu also has a nickname – The Unicorn catcher in the circle.

Sequoia, China, Shen Napeng 2017, Forbes magazine, world’s best investor, eleventh, Alibaba,

to the top of Shen Napeng’s Chinese ranking as an example, in addition to his own Ctrip has changed the domestic travel environment, he also represented Sequoia investment Jingdong, Xinjiang, micro-blog, 360 and other well-known companies, VC circle has a joke: Shen Napeng bought half a Chinese internet.

regret item: Mcglaughlin

investment time: February 2008

today, "to take" Pa Pa these famous investors on the other side: the case of failure.

There are countless ?

not long ago, Forbes announced 2017 top 100 investors in the world, including a total of 11 Chinese investors on the list. The list of these chiefs already illustrious, handling cases are old and new BAT Shanxi unicorn, unlimited scenery at the peak.

reprinted please indicate gold rush station: goldzhan/, p=9831


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stories about VC, and investors are always generous with summarizing their successes and describing the waves in various speeches and reports. However, behind the success of failure cannot do without support, but investors for their failures are usually carefully conceal mentioning them.