is the first to let the Internet car enterprises to see the smart phone, then a reverse crack, bend overtaking opportunities;

interestingly, in the past we are talking about the "sharing economy" the topic is more about "the real economy paid share exchange and share", which benchmark enterprises are doing Airbnb, Uber space to share and share travel. As part of the answer to become "explosion" products, people suddenly found: the original side is willing to pay for the knowledge economy, skilled economy is not a small number of people.

The advantages of When the

and the corresponding is super conventional development of the industry, according to EVTank data, lithium battery shipments last year Chinese 30.5GWh expansion plan, a staggering 170 GWh, enough 500 thousand electric buses and 5 million units of pure Monday car use, to know the July 2015 introduction of the "lithium ion battery industry norms conditions" to in April this year is the first list of standard enterprises, although the Ningde times, the power of God and other well-known companies on the list, but only a total of 8 homes.

lithium iron phosphate is reduced almost no energy decays, self discharge, overcharge and overdischarge stable performance, cycle life can reach more than 2000 times, three Yuan Li working temperature and heating peak in Tesla, the memory effect is not obvious.

the industry has relied heavily on new energy vehicles to drive high growth in the manufacturing sector.

is the biggest opportunity for battery industry early ripening

also allows multinational car enterprises and brands feel a great threat to have to deal with;

sharing economic non standardized

battery itself is not what the new concept in 1901, Edison invented the nickel iron battery with excellent performance to replace lead-acid batteries in Detroit vehicle test run, ran amazing endurance 340 km, today’s new energy vehicles have developed solar energy, hydrogen power, natural gas, two ether in multiple directions, 18650 cylinder battery can not have more advanced technology talent shows itself, and is mature in technology, more suitable for passenger space layout of electric vehicle.

and in the face of such data, blank CEO, Tang Yongbo said, "we just on-line, it will be better growth, and the data are natural growth, there is no specially done WeChat marketing."."

initially Lu Guanqiu Wanxiang Group acquisition of the United States A123 is the focus of lithium iron phosphate technology, intends to use it to support its other enterprise Fisker Karma electric vehicles.

therefore, if you are "talking", you can sell their own time, to accompany people chat; if you are a "fitness Master", you can provide people with sparring services, running; if you are free occupation, will design, will write copy, you can sell their online service.

, first of all, is the energy density difference. According to the Ministry of science and technology, 20>

but where exactly are the opportunities and dangers of new energy vehicles?

but lithium iron phosphate used in passenger cars has two fatal short plates:


Tang Yongbo believes that "answer", "worth" selling knowledge, skills, products belong to high latitude products, and the space to focus on the development of life service sharing is the same latitude." The so-called latitude, that is, ordinary people can reach out to touch. On the spaces, these "latitude" services are available to almost every user. "Just as we have different labels, I’m an enterprise CEO, but it’s also a extreme sport enthusiast."

Abstract: products such as answering and value are more for the head users, and only the head users, such as Wang, can attract the audience’s strong desire to pay. Different from the answer, the value of spaces, this product is actually designed for the grassroots users.

in the cathode material, nickel cobalt aluminum Tesla NCA three yuan in special materials and lithium iron phosphate LFP head of a BYD no less contest.

ventures found that products such as sub – and value – based services were more for head users, and only the head user, such as Wang Sicong, was able to attract a strong audience’s desire to pay. Different from the answer, the value of spaces, this product is actually designed for the grassroots users.

in September last year, only 60 days on-line space officially announced the completion of the A round of 100 million yuan financing, this round of financing by the Germany capital lead investor, PCCW, CMB international capital with the cast.

more gratifying is that the new battlefield seems to be opened: in the car travel, rental housing, such as standardized services, some non targeted, personalized content will be paid.

2014 Tesla open patent, is round Elon Musk he scores are Hugh "knot, but also pushed the two historic Domino stone:

shell hatch phenomenal product "a" after the fire, to open up a new battlefield: virtual products in addition to the standard, beyond the physical, knowledge sharing can also be used to make money. As a result, on-line 42 days of the answer to submit such achievements: more than 10 million authorized users, paid users over 1 million, resulting in a total of 500 thousand voice questions and answers, the transaction amount of 18 million.

in February this year, four ministries issued "to promote the automotive battery industry development action plan", by 2020, the total capacity of the industry to more than 100 billion Wh, the formation of the scale of production and marketing of international competitiveness in more than 40 billion Wh, the leading enterprises, which also released in April this year and the three ministries "automobile industry long-term development plan" is consistent.