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Lyft’s success cannot do without the word of mouth between users, when it comes to this point, Zimmer’s voice is full of happiness. Lytf grew from a small company with only 32 employees to an enterprise with more than 200 drivers. As more and more people become aware of Lyft, they will need more drivers. Zimmer is not worried about this, he said, and now there are many people who have taken the initiative to contact the company, hoping to become the company’s driver.


Zimmer told me that it’s interesting that many of Lyft’s users used to be people who didn’t like to go out because the people were not well-off and wanted to spend less on the trip. However, as Lyft offers users more convenience and offers more favorable prices, these people have chosen Lyft.

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, Lyft’s pink little Hu Zicheng, for the sign of the service," I told Zimmer when asked about the origin of the sign, he said: "

Airbnb and Lyft services will set off a wave of social applications, because such services can make people participate in social activities, rather than hiding in the virtual network behind the social. Airbnb has made outstanding contributions in this respect."

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I found that Lyft’s rental experience was completely different from Uber’s.. Compared to the liveliness of Lyft, Uber is more serious. You can’t say which experience is better, but there’s a big difference between the two services.

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Zimmer told me that when they look for drivers, they pick people who are friendly and talkative. They want passengers to immediately like drivers who serve him. Many passengers give back saying they think drivers are just like their best friends.

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when I discussed the impact of technology on people’s social interaction with Zimmer, he said, "

recently very popular car sharing service Lyft provides a similar experience to the user between friends. I had a conversation with the company’s co-founder, John Zimmer, about their services.

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my understanding of Lyft is that their drivers are a group of people who are very fond of chatting. Of course, if you want to sit quietly in the back row and play with your cell phone, then you can hit an ordinary taxi. I am a very popular person to chat with, and I find Lyft drivers are very friendly, that’s why Lyft attracts me.

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