truth 1 – Don Dodge digital hint


for example, here can be found in "abortion", "breast", "nose" and "hymen repair" the price of these words are very high, so it can be analyzed, the cosmetic advertising prices are relatively high, you can do the beauty of content targeted more if are you good at it, in order to attract high priced ads appear in your web page.

is here to check the price of the search advertising, but the content of advertising, its value is proportional to, so it has reference significance.

we know that either shlf1314 or Adsense, sh419 alliance, web content advertising is matched with the content, that is to say, what is the content, and content related ads will show.

also, also can be found in the very low price of many keyword advertising. So, in the production of content, you can avoid these contents.

follows the document from Forrester Research published in May 2005. According to this chart, the entire online advertising cost will grow by about 50% over the next two and a half years, from $20 billion 300 million to $29 billion 400 million.

so, how to determine the price of the advertisement? Here I introduce a little skill, judging by the ranking of sh419 keyword prices. shlf1314 AdSense and sh419 alliance is similar, so the price of sh419 shlf1314 Adsense also has the reference value

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The fact of The

finally, ask yourself: how many times do you click shlf1314 ads every month? 4, 10, 20, or 40? Notice that every click of an ad produces about $0.1 to $0.5 in revenue for shlf1314, which gives you almost the same results as above.

therefore, if we consider the factors in this area, and assuming Don Dodge judgment is correct, then, in the next two and a half years, shlf1314 revenue and market capitalization growth in 100% is likely to happen.

, with these data in mind, we can quickly come to the conclusion that shlf1314 earns $1 per Internet user. However, not all of the revenue from the shlf1314 search engine, shlf1314 only control 50% of the search market, but the Internet is being advertised by shlf1314 through AdSense and AdWords advertising alliance organic cover. Thus, even if you are searching through Yahoo or Live, you might still end up being directed to a page in the long tail of shlf1314 AdSense. And if you’re a loyal user of the shlf1314 search engine, you’ll probably bring $2 a month to shlf1314. Of course, even if you use other search engines, you will still bring $0.5 in revenue to shlf1314.

in other ways

now check how this chart has reacted to reality in the past few years. shlf1314’s annual revenue is as follows:

price system

based on the principle, we can select the appropriate content according to some expensive advertising, in order to increase revenue.

sh419 PPC search engine keyword query: http://s.www2.sh419/inquire/price.php

grew by 72%, while the figure on the same period grew by only 33%. This difference is understandable because, as a leader in online advertising services, shlf1314 should have had more revenue growth than other service providers.

OK, we are now trying to analyze the data of shlf1314 in another way:

in short, the development of things is certainly not a simple line – but, like Potenco and One, Laptop, Per, Child, new forms of online marketing will be >

of course, the choice of content, but also can not be partial to themes, such as your site is a second-hand information network, if the beauty of content, it is a funny thing, also do not have to see. So, to choose their own industry, so as to develop the theme of a site, and obtain relatively higher advertising revenue.


truth 2 – shlf1314 data