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Discuz! Most of our customers are websites. From our historical statistics >

CPA, CPS is the trend of the development of online advertising, online advertising model to pay this in accordance with the final conversion effect, will become more and more popular, at the same time will give more personal webmaster more opportunities to make money network.

shlf1314 Adsense recently moves more and more domestic, personally optimistic about the upgraded shlf1314 Adsense platform. Do Adsense friends can go to the group to communicate: group: 180851


then I looked at the inside of the Lead project, pay to attract more people to see a few are each lead is about $20.

Discuz Software Inc. dragon calf! Provides community software products that provide community site procedures, whether such a position is Discuz! A development to the large scale software development company? Is it limited to this?

simply by clicking on the charge of advertising, money is difficult to have a larger flow of Web site can have considerable income. But if the lead is different, if the content of the website to do good, every day hundreds of monthly traffic, there may be thousands of dollars. I do lead project the best record is 500IP per day, the monthly income of 8000 dollars.

In this paper,

at present, which Chinese lead project is still relatively small, the opening of the first day, I only saw 6 China lead project, but just click on a very tempting, pay a $9.23



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Author: Wang Tong

how the size of calf at present?

Li Zong: Discuz! Is a technology company, from the point of view of positioning, is a community software and service provider. More than 90% of the team members are engineers, and now also regarded as the largest professional community development team!

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Software Inc. dragon calf: