since the end of 2004, Internet dating is constantly mentioned in the concept of China Internet field, investors as a beacon of the Internet industry as early as 2003 began online dating market in Chinese invest deployment. As the business model of Internet dating service is mature in the European and American markets, the domestic Internet dating websites have entered the golden period of development.

jishizixun CCW Research after long-term attention and follow-up study of online dating, the service in the China market development stage was defined as follows:

The first stage is

now China dating market is at the first stage to the second stage of the transition period, in order to better grasp the online dating behavior China Internet users, as well as the evaluation of China online dating service enterprise’s market competition position is correct, the CCW CCW Research in the core city in China launched a massive investigation.

found through research, Chinese online dating service market has great potential, there are 15% of Internet users believe that online dating service is to solve the "dating difficult" problems of the main effective way. With the increasing progress of China’s Internet environment, the increasing number of Internet users, the number of targeted users of online dating services will continue to grow. Most of the target users will consider paying fees when accepting Internet love and marriage services, which pay a large degree to ensure the value of the online dating services market. In the expected future, China’s online dating services market has great potential.

since the implementation of the policy of public entrepreneurship, the whole society is concerned about entrepreneurship, flaunt how a certain success, alert a certain how to defeat. Very few people focused their attention on the details of the early days of entrepreneurship.

first, about costs; this cost has implicit costs and contract costs.

include the cost of making mistakes, the cost of risk, the hidden costs of agency companies, and the force majeure costs caused by the change of policies. As an implicit cost, it is immeasurable. There may be a mistake, so that the scope of business writing less mistakes, resulting in the need to change the scope of business and resulting in a fee. It may be because the agency is immature, the policy is not clear understanding, and spent the wrong money. Contract cost refers to the agreement signed with the agent company and the service fee stipulated in the agreement. Service fee, registration fee to the company 500-600 yuan, 500-600 yuan pre-sales customer service commission staff, staff salary and office costs 300-500 yuan, the profit of the company for 500-800 yuan, customer acquisition costs 100-200 yuan. No less than 2000 yuan. But the market is the price of all kinds of service providers, who to choose, nature is different people have different opinions about


finally, on how to choose a service provider.

is also true, because these are supported by the service agencies in the community, no need to take care of. But for the start-up, service agent Ling Lang everywhere, the price is never uniform. Have met hundreds of thousands, and even many entrepreneurs have to spend several million yuan registered company. However, there are still a lot of smart entrepreneurs found Shanghai cattle Island – wholeheartedly help entrepreneurs, the company registered only 4.8 yuan.

secondly, about the registration time.

with respect to this service provider, we can analyze the following points:

can be seen from the 1 and 2 points above. Conscientious service providers should be reasonable in quoting and timing. As far as this reasonable category is concerned, the price of an agent can tell us everything. Do you really want to solve problems for entrepreneurs?

The hidden costs of

since the country has done pioneering support policy reform, the implementation of online process management. Greatly saves the registration time. The basic process of registration is: the nuclear name – apply for a license – get a license – engraved chapter – finished. Registration time is: 5-15 working days. Universal signing is 15 working days, and the actual business segment may not take so long, but the coming and going information confirmation and delay is reasonable according to the 15 working days.

and Shanghai expert in the whole island is link to achieve transparency, eliminate information asymmetry, so that entrepreneurs need only company 4.8 yuan to complete the registration, to allow entrepreneurs to get a business license of their own company and the three chapter, no other hidden consumption bundle.