last month, the company introduced a new cell phone called "My Faves". Allow users to choose 5 friends regardless of their own equipment, they can enjoy unlimited amount of calls and text services. Designed to enhance the awareness of the new service. Its target market is high school and University students.

throughout the process is consistent with the Telus brand image, and the recommendations for the product are consistent with the eventual promotion objectives.

"who are you swimming with?" Tell the world using the virtual fish bowl on your own file page." After creating a fish that represents the user, Telus sends the message: "you look lonely, and you should swim with your close friends.". Let’s start adding you >

    the current domestic website experience today after the Internet bubble, such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain general braved, Internet consumption ability is becoming more and more mature, network economy era has come slowly. The most simple analogy, it is 2007, now a 27 year old youth began online 7 years ago like me, in 2000 at the age of 20 young people basically no what consumption capacity, can not be what to buy on the internet. Along with the enhancement of personal consumption ability, plus 7 years of Internet history, depending on the network is more and more serious, the possibility of network consumption is more and more high, the Internet business is more and more likely. In other words, perhaps 7 years ago, the site is walking the sea of people tactics, relying on traffic to make money, then today’s network will be a fine line of information, relying on information value to make money.

   : 1. Why do you choose a local portal?

    you can look at today’s Internet, just use the search engine to search a variety of industry portal is almost saturated, if we started doing personal webmaster industry portal, that unless you have superhuman talent, bring forth the new through the old, can let the waves die on the beach. Now, many local letters and portals are maintained and built by local telecom or government officials. The advantages of these departments are: strong funds, policy support, etc.. However, we can observe, update their information, information authenticity, entertainment is not strong, and more is a number of policies and regulations around the publicity, news and so on. This creates an opportunity for us, that is to say, if we can break through entertainment and interaction exchange of information, authenticity, watch, and commercial value and so on these bottlenecks, we can still do a cake for me, and eat it.

    two. What kind of local portal do you do?

    do news? We certainly do not win the newspapers, television and other media, so we can choose some others don’t see us, I personally optimistic about the "real estate, recruitment, chat, dating, several secondary market dating" column. These columns do not need to say, everyone knows, well done, can make money, do not good, just like a pile of garbage, no value, in fact, everything is like this, the key is to operate. Why do we have to choose the local gateway? That’s because a lot of information on the web can be realistic! Why do we have to do these columns at the local portal? Because we have to make a feature, that is the authenticity and timeliness of information. These are the long-term pillars of web development.

    three. How do you do that? How to operate?

    in the early days, we certainly wouldn’t have so much traffic support, we >

anyone familiar with the Telus ad wouldn’t be surprised by its animal image. The company has always been famous for promoting the use of talking animals and natural subjects. The two are designed to differentiate them from the competitors’ wireless devices and are smart enough to highlight the different features of their services.

Telus turned to the Toronto creative agency Teehan & and media company Media plan; Lax Experts, hope that they can help create a, can reflect the "my obsession" My Faves social network application characteristic of mobile phone. Facebook is obviously the right media. According to comScore data, the site attracted 7 million 500 thousand unique Canadian users under the age of 25 in March. Facebook also found that 27% of Canadian audiences were under 18 years of age, and 56% were aged 18 to 24 years. Earlier this year, the site’s traffic was more than MySpace, becoming Canada’s leading social network.

The language used by

is because of this point in mind, Canadian communications company Telus on Facebook, conducted a I think is the best advertising campaign. The campaign demonstrates that social networking is a good channel for informing and educating consumers.

the heart of all social networks is one thing: friends. Without them, they have no motivation to join, and they are not interested in being a permanent member. Relying on the Internet, users selectively increase their friends and collect them like gathering cards. "Friends" is important for every single consumer who hits the online community.

in the "my obsession" case, the animal was chosen as fish. The specific application is to provide a fish bowl, and members of Facebook can add it to their own file page. In order to take up the bowl, they chose 5 Facebook friends, each representing a different fish. Users can also add famous Canadian trademarks to their fish bowls.