network is one of the most important foundations of the information society. The development of network integration will have a profound influence on the future social development and the change of human life. Experts believe that, on the whole, the future of the global Internet industry will be further integration in the network, terminal, business and service level; global network control policy will be open to the market change of open, transparent and fair competition and further; market demand has two aspects for the evolution of common needs and the needs of individual information service.

from N networks to a network

those single entrepreneurs around the age of 23 do not realize that the family is the biggest market, a trillion dollar market. People forever >

for the past 4 years, American mothers who use social networking have grown by 591%

Ancient Chinese Literature Search master Wang Guowei once pointed out that life of the three realm in the "human words": "energy-saving, the tower alone, at Tianya road;" my end is no regrets, the Iraqi people to wave ";" he found the degreeses, suddenly look back, that person actually in the dim light." In fact, think carefully, investment, entrepreneurship is not the same? When you are looking for a business or investment opportunities and not the clue, please calm down, look around, you will find yourself surrounded by all kinds of opportunities. The following is a mother who has the eyes of investors of entrepreneurial opportunities, inspiration may not bring you the same.

it’s clear that the family has become the key to everything,

in the United States alone, mothers with children under 18 have 69 million

at the same time, the natural driving force of network convergence lies in the drive from the interests of the enterprise. In the process of development of enterprise network, reflects the characteristics of economies of scale, driven by the intrinsic motivation of the enterprise, the pursuit of bigger and stronger, to maximize the pursuit of interests of enterprises through the realization of the integration of the network.

also wants to establish a daily trading website? What did not also want to develop some practical significance for social games? Or to create a kind of So-Lo-Mo type photo sharing service? Please stop and hurried home with the family together, with parents, with children playing games, ask what they need, to create some the products they need! Whether you believe it or not, there are a lot of products can make their life easier and more fun. The crucial part is that they are willing to pay for it. Next, let’s look at a set of data from the United States that will prove worthy of the field:

School of economics and management, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Professor, research center of economic competitiveness and IT director Ceng Jianqiu think, have the basis for the realization of network integration technology, after triple play, will be in the N net in one direction. He pointed out that the driving force of network integration is manifested in two aspects. On the one hand, it is the internal cause of economic globalization; on the other hand, it is the external impetus of government policy adjustment. In addition, there is a very important point, that is, technological progress.

estimates that 63 million 600 thousand tablets will reach the market this year, with parents downloading an average of 27.2 App for their children and spending about $100

, as a parent, I’m not surprised by the numbers. Because when I became a mother in 9 months ago, I really spent so much money to buy diapers, clothes, and parents to become members of the club to take care of the children, the purchase of baby wipes, baby food, baby stroller, car seat, toy, doctor and so on. One of my friends has two children aged 5 and 7 years old, they used to buy children’s story books, language teachers, please purchase Mini vans, children’s clothing, let the children on the football class, ballet class, basketball, gymnastics and other private school fees are more. And what happens in our daily lives is often overlooked.

President Liu Liehong China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute also pointed out that with the new technologies and the popularization, and will produce a derived IPTV, mobile phone TV and many other emerging market business integration and globalization, information fusion and the popularity of the network exchange, will be closed or regional.

Ceng Jianqiu to telecom network integration as an example, analysis, from the perspective of global development, on the fixed network and mobile network these concepts are gradually diluted, fixed networks and mobile networks also appear FMC fusion concept. The general trend of the future development of telecom networks is that N networks will develop in the direction of one network. For telecom network, first of all to the fixed network and mobile network gradually realize the integration of the network, and then realize the separation of network industry on this basis, the future of telecom industry will move toward a network and service level separation.

in the United States, the annual expenditure of children and infant clothing is about $10 billion, which is even higher than the child’s dietary expenditure. The market estimates that the market will exceed $35 billion 200 million by 2016,

clearly, the theme for this project is convergence. Song Junde CMIS, chairman of the association Chinese communication standards as the 2006 China information industry annual economic conference said, network integration is a dynamic process, including the integration of different levels, for example, the core network integration, application integration, business model integration and so on. Therefore, the original business model is no longer applicable.

American mothers spent $2 trillion and 100 billion a year on

in Beijing municipal government million financial funds support, the Beijing scholar is currently doing a test, to promote China’s digital publishing industry development and application of the "Internet publishing platform development and service system construction project, science and technology, Beijing, China blog Hanvon press, Dazheng Language Research Institute and other well-known the company is also involved in the construction, integration and development together to complete the digital publishing industry chain.