as the saying goes: "Like attracts like., you have to become a Birds of a feather flock together., what people need with what people together. Because people change the environment is too difficult, environmental change is too easy, so you want to start business, you must enter the circle of entrepreneurship, you want to learn, you must enter the circle of learning, you want to invest, you must enter the circle of investment. Today’s society, each industry, each enterprise has its own circle, as long as you look for it, you can find the circle you want. When you enter the circle, your entrepreneurial passion and motivation naturally affected by them, of course, success has become easier.

know, do business, not all industries are the same money. Industry to choose the right, relatively easy to succeed, the industry selected wrong, making money is more difficult. Why China’s rich investment in real estate, because the industry prospects, high profits, large demand, so the enterprise easy to make money. So entrepreneurs in addition to real estate, should choose what industry? It is a choice you can do in the industry; the two is to choose the development prospects of good industries, three is the choice of market demand in the industry; the four is to choose high profit industries; five is the choice of state support industry. For example, the health industry, education industry, environmental protection, energy saving industry, etc., these are relatively good industry.

one, choose an industry,

enterprises can not develop without the support of the platform. There are two ways to build a platform. One is to create a platform for yourself, and two is to borrow someone else’s platform. If you have less money, learn how to use other people’s platform to develop yourself. For example, many companies now use the network platform to achieve their own. Of course, if you can, like sh419, Alibaba, Tencent, to create their own platform, which is the best. But many companies do not have the strength, so the entrepreneurial capabilities needed to leveraging the power of. The secret of success of small businesses with less is to borrow, borrow, borrow, borrowing and leveraging the brand, by the name of business success and so on, not to have the resources, and how much is the use of resources. Any resource that can be used by an enterprise is a good resource.

two, using a platform


small success on their own, big success depends on others, this is the truth most entrepreneurs agree with. No matter how great you think you are, you can’t be perfect. Helpless, you think how capable you are, nor can you do everything without asking for help. Because a person’s success is equal to knowledge and network, so the success of entrepreneurs is inseparable from the help of friends. Entrepreneurs should learn to make friends whenever and wherever possible, especially to make friends with quality. For wealth is not a friend forever, but a friend is a perpetual treasure. Because no matter who started, you can not guarantee that their business is always plain sailing, when your business problems, friends is >!

four, meet a group of friends,

three, go into a circle,

with blog customers monthly income of $200, first of all to explain to you, this is just one of my ideas, before the practice has not yet, I speak out, I hope you and I practice together.

1. do blog, first of all to choose a suitable BLOG, that is, the necessary functions, but also has a good SEO. Basically to meet the following:

2. is to choose a project, this is very important, this morning a friend said, we can’t use common heart to do blog, we do not blog a diary, is not what some Notepad. We need to do the

method is very simple, we analyze a product’s profit, the higher the profit it can pay for advertising is also higher. For example, UPS power supply, higher profits, its advertising prices are generally very impressive.