08 years of the end of November, the outgoing Facebook intends to $500 million acquisition of Twitter, but Twitter refused the message. According to reports, the main reason for the transaction aborted, Twitter investors and executives questioned the true value of Facebook shares. Prior to this, Microsoft had invested $240 million to obtain Facebook 1.6% stake, so that the valuation of the latter up to $15 billion, and then the richest Chinese Li Jiacheng to follow up the same valuation, but the industry generally believe that the valuation is too high.


, Facebook do not know to buy Twitter stock specific valuation standard, but from Twitter point of view, obviously such methods exist to purchase convertible value variables, Twitter can not accept. According to the famous technology blog TechCrunch reported, Facebook CEO Mark · Zuckerberg recently accepted the interview, the $15 billion Facebook valuation is not high, and Facebook is a new round of financing in the same valuation.

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deal, has aroused widespread concern, partly because the two involved website event, is the field of Internet heavy role, are the focus of media, every act and every move of concern to the industry; on the other hand, because the incident happened in the global financial crisis intensified on the occasion, almost all IT companies are downsizing heating, avoid cold winter, while Facebook is in the eye of the storm in the United States this enterprise, market expansion initiatives, meaningful.

1, Facebook expansion,

for the enterprise how to deal with the current financial crisis, once invested in Yahoo site in a famous battle of the famous venture enterprise osugi venture believes that in the current enterprise must quickly reduce costs, to survive in the winter. The view of Sequoia ventures represents the mainstream view of the industry to a certain extent, and a large number of layoffs in Silicon Valley and even around the world have proved that this view is evolving from judgment to cold reality. After the semiconductor and hardware manufacturers, Internet Co have started layoffs, YAHOO, eBay and other listed companies bear the brunt of those smaller network enterprises take advantage of an opportunity, such as the California mountain view, the social networking company LinkedIn, and San Francisco’s blog company Six Apart, have also been cut thin.

are spending as a business on the occasion of the popular way to resist the cold of winter, Facebook have gone against the tide and adhere to the "investment first, profit second" strategy, insist the expansion does not relax, this is somewhat even and be inopportune or inappropriate, the trend that draw further apart. Take a look at some of Facebook’s recent initiatives, first of all, to lower revenue targets. This summer, Facebook expects annual revenue to range from 300 million to 350 million