does the same thing with websites and games, and upgrades. You can play games, and you usually know how to do it. In general, the fastest game player in the game will spend time playing the game. Of course, some players have money, go to buy equipment, props upgrade, upgrade faster than others, that naturally, others can not beat you.

website people know, upgrade site PR, upgrade search, included, upgrade, website ranking is more difficult, especially a new station. In fact, you do the site, if you are willing to spend money, you can buy a link, there are good links, your PR upgrade soon. You can also change links easily with people. When you are older, you will have a group of younger brothers willing to follow you. Why does Mu Changqing have so many disciples willing to follow him? Because Mou Changqing is higher than them, and he can learn skills with mu changqing. If you do a good job with Mou Changqing, he can also guide you to add a link, ah, this is interpersonal relationship.


, I wrote "Jiang Pingzhong: God level network marketing tutorial series" scimitar "," why Ding Penggan challenged Xie Xiaofeng? Xie Xiaofeng and Ding Peng finally willing to become friends? Do you need to do is to put their own upgrade to close to the level of the opponent, or when you play to the opponent, opponents or don’t shot, or a recruit you’ll be hanged.

What exactly does

need to run a successful web site? What I think is: ability, connections, resources, money. These four basic elements, in fact, complement each other. Let me first talk about the relationship between them, so that you will be clearer about your future development ideas. Personally, I think so. As long as you have a basic quality of four of them, you can use a basic quality to expand on other basic elements. Listen to me as follows:

one, ability

everyone has different abilities in different places. If I play basketball with Jordan, I can’t beat him. Similarly, let Jordan and I compared to the site, he can not. And everyone will have different knowledge, because you are not a fool, but have knowledge of how many, different kinds of knowledge. It is precisely because of the variety and variety of knowledge that each person’s abilities are different. Each of us was born with no knowledge, only consciousness". We need to arm ourselves with knowledge, from the beginning to accept learning "knowledge", and grow up to become a capable person. Learning knowledge turns a man into a wise man, and a wise man who continues to learn knowledge becomes a wise man. A very clever man who still studies hard can become a genius. Genius is a man of considerable ability; genius can change the world.

two, connections

connections are sometimes based on knowledge, money, and technology. Of course, maybe more births, backgrounds, etc.. If you don’t have a background, you can count on knowledge alone