no matter what you do, we can not deny that there is an initial motive or purpose, we do Adsense site, of course, can not throw open the law of the public. No one passive innocent of their time are wasted, and no one has no reason to enter the webmaster industry. Personally, it seems that the website has the following points:

hobbies, display, work, money, just want to talk about today with the purpose of money into this circle dream webmaster webmaster, is creating a myth and wonder where the network can not deny, but a miracle and myth is just a minority, because of this, resulting in today’s stationmaster people have different status although, the initial goal is to make money, in reality to hone and baptism in the Internet, the original money may be made clear or fuzzy, because the survival of the fittest, not only in reality even in the unreal network still practical and even to comply with.

with the development of the network, and the network economy in the doldrums, perhaps too much too much money with grassroots webmaster to dream in this industry, perhaps do stand to make money people too much, Baidu for new sites included the harsh, alliance continues to buckle quantity, have too many webmaster webmaster understand money is no longer so easy to earn, but there is still a day into the tens of thousands, millions of years into the personal webmaster, but still have not received a penny of the poor webmaster. Why would this situation, in my opinion, is because everyone’s motivation and purpose is not the same, although the station is to make money?.

people began to do stand in, never thought I rely on the website earn much money, although he did not stand for money, love is not the work of demand, no one to ask yourself, is most willing to do, but in his eyes, do a dumpster one day to earn a few knives, January down to earn a thousand bucks on the good, very satisfied, after all, a month’s wages in the private sector is not developed like that. If so, just to find little words in the Baidu index, as long as the Baidu included, updated every day several times, hundreds of thousands of IP may basically be able to achieve this objective. Maybe this is the garbage station positioning, but such a webmaster but occupy the about one million grassroots webmaster a large part.

but also see the Internet too much, so how young he made hundreds of thousands of millions, by what, also is a web site, the same as young as you, is also a webmaster, also carries the dream of making money, but the results are very different. Because at the moment he stood, he did not want to rely on their own website, earn a few knives every day to meet their own. Because he took the website as his lifelong career, it was no longer a simple update. His concern is no longer a day site, PR is born or down, included is less or more, because he did not want the superficial things, he know what I want, perhaps perhaps to an industry portal service, perhaps only a specific field a little too >