World Internet must say Facebook, Facebook has become the hottest phenomenon in the internet. Although 2007 Facebook is still in a state of loss, still does not hinder the world’s richest man Bill Gates, Chinese richest man Li Jiacheng valuation of $15 billion, shares Facebook.

Facebook is developing at an extremely rapid rate, and even Google has some concerns about Facebook. Recently, rumors Facebook will enter China, if the Facebook into Chinese, the prospect is not necessarily good, Facebook China road as perhaps his homophonic feisibuke, and unpredictable.

is not optimistic about Facebook’s entry into China. There are several reasons for this:

1, the United States Internet companies to enter China, including YAHOO, Aol, Myspace, Ebay, Google and so on, basically acclimatized, not too successful precedent.

2, South Korea’s most successful social networking site Cyworld into Chinese, spent a lot of money, not made great achievements; Myspace into Chinese, also if not in the mainstream. Instead, QQ has absorbed some of Cyworld’s practices and developed very well. The critical size of the user only after reaching a huge number of inflection point to break out, in the SNS field, often "big rival", "strong permanent"". Just like Ma Huateng said, "let him do QQ again, but still can’t do it," that’s the truth.

3, although Facebook has many advanced features, it is not a golden finger to ensure its success in china. Two years ago, the Internet has Chinese countless crazy cast Web2.0 enterprises, such as the blog about the functionality of the site for Web2.0, when the so-called Web1.0 portal also develop the function such as blogs, massive counterattack, the blog Chinese Web2.0 pioneer playing mandizhaoya. Whether a white cat or a black cat, catch mice is good cat. No matter Web1.0 or 2, traffic is the absolute principle. Portals such as Sina and not hang down and die, but big but not stiff, are constantly learning and adjustment, recently Sina space has been upgraded into a number of elements of Facebook, Facebook into Chinese is inevitable to dare to confront the greatest danger from these portal in the oligarchs, great difficulty.

4, in China, Internet more or looking rather than writing off, "rat people" rather than "key people", the vice president Chen Tong as Sina in Beijing laggards: because the party found reading far more than the people who write articles, Sina from the original Web2.0 (competitive storm BBS) back to Web1.0, then have the enormous growth of traffic, previous research has shown that post and see stick ratio of 7:1000.

5, Facebook registration pole >