from the initial germination, to today’s rapid development, China’s Internet has undergone roughly the "germination period, Web1.0 era, Web2.0 era" three periods. 95 years ago, the Internet has not yet been popularized, and only a few people have access to the Internet and work in the internet. With the continuous development and popularization of the Internet, the emerging things that have arisen in the past ten years have gradually been accepted by people. People know the Internet in doubt, and have experienced the stage of passive acceptance and active integration. The tremendous role played by the Internet has gradually penetrated into every ordinary person. The potential and value of the Internet is far beyond the original estimate. The development of radio and television newspapers than Internet morning for many years, the popularity is also higher, although important, but to ask those comprehensive contact people, newspapers, radio, television, Internet, you cannot do without any answer, believe that people should be up to the internet. The Internet has entered every household and is closely related to daily life. Now the Internet, Web2.0 interactive make classified information sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain, a lot of demand in various industries classified information to classified information website to become a major force and portal chamber resistance, is bound to lead the Internet into the next era.

speaks of Craigslist, perhaps domestic netizen does not understand very much. But it is one of the 25 websites in time magazine’s 2008 American life, the world’s largest classified information web site, the longest web site for mobile users in the United states. Meanwhile, its founder, Clegg. 25 of the world’s most influential one of the leaders of the United States is the Internet’s "business week" this year’s top. The site allows businesses and ordinary users from around 570 cities worldwide to advertise for free. But for corporate users in 18 big cities in the United States, Craigslist charges advertising fees ranging from one amount to another. AIM Group, a US market research firm, predicts that Craigslist’s revenue is expected to exceed $100 million this year. According to a US survey, between 2005 and 2009, American adults using classified information sites rose from 22% to 49%, while the US classified information giant Craigslist has more than 2 billion hits per month. More than 40 million people are using Craigslist every day in the United states. The success of Craigslist has set a banner for classified information websites in China and has become an object of imitation and an example for students to follow.

data show that 09 years China classified information website market size will reach 30 billion yuan; as 58 city,, and several other well-known classifieds site in a few years of hard work have been announced profit. 2010, in the network reshuffle, Google exit China, the website domain name audit, filing, new regulations introduced several major events, small and medium-sized personal website difficult, facing transformation. Local classified information websites are bound to be >