from 07 years to now, has always insisted on writing an annual Baidu popular stick data summary, wrote last year, "09 Baidu paste bar" popular TOP65". Is 09 years of the latest popular Baidu post bar summary. Today, in this article on the basis of 09 years, add 10 years of data for comparative analysis, to see more than 1 years of time passed, the original 65 people paste it, and now what kind of change?. So that everyone to understand the present situation of the stick. Today’s analysis of the 65 popular paste it, may not be the 65 most current fire bar. But the analysis of data changes is more interesting than summarizing the latest 65 popular posts. This article is the biggest significance for everyone to understand, 09 years of the hottest 65 stick, to 10 years, what has changed?. Which still attract attention, which has quietly disappeared in the sight of everyone. And BBS promotion channels, Baidu Post Bar forever first choice, know which stick is popular, I believe it is helpful to do BBS promotion friends. This year is busy, busy almost forgot to write the data analysis articles, to catch up at the end of the year, or this year to do the data analysis completed:

first, let’s look at the latest data (the picture is too large, open it in the new window)

in this list, summed up a total of 65 popular paste bar, from different categories. Among them, the red font post stands for 09 years before entering the TOP65. There are 65 of these posted 09 years ranking and post data, in addition to make up for 10 years of the total number of Posts and the latest rankings. Among them, the growth in the last 1 years has also increased, growth rates and ranking changes. Afraid of friends, part of the post bar is not familiar with, and the right side of the bar as well as a brief introduction, but also attached to the bar when the establishment of the time. Now, a brief analysis. What can we see from this list?.

one: World of Warcraft – Baidu Post Bar deserved NO1

look at World of Warcraft Post Bar Posts total, less than second place Jolin. But in the last 1 years, World of Warcraft has added the largest number of posts, up to 85887683, the largest increase in the number of posts in the 65. The number of new posts can explain the popularity of a paste bar now.

World of Warcraft

why so fire? If you look at the name of Post Bar, we only know that is a popular network game, a game can attract so many people in the discussion? But the actual walk you will find that in fact there has few people talk about World of Warcraft, because World of Warcraft stopped serving, resulting in a lot of game player unhappy, so World of Warcraft has become a place of Warcraft game player. World of Warcraft slowly became a talk about what the gossip. Especially last year, a sensational domestic "Jia Junpeng, your mother called you home for dinner" event, that is, the source of World of Warcraft post bar, because this event, but also to World of Warcraft paste bar popularity further change.