, let’s take a look at the actual situation of 301 redirects,

1, the situation one, my old domain name is to put some yellow content (just for example), such as: pictures, articles, in some cases, brought a lot of traffic, every day may be more than ten thousand.

2, the situation two, my old domain name all content is in line with national laws and regulations, but the use of SEO, black hat and other improper means to improve the old domain name weight, and have good rankings and flow. Redirect the weight of the old domain name to the new domain name via the 301 redirect.

summary of the above two cases, are likely to exist, if the Baidu 301 redirect will only pass the weight of the case, there will be the above two cases.

the above two cases, Baidu stand in the webmaster position, will take into account the situation, but you have not taken into account the new domain name competitors,


* if 301 redirection is not good for the domain name, *

3, three, competitors: if its competitors use a 301 redirect to a new domain not favorable factors, through some illegal or not in line with the regular Baidu optimization techniques website 301 redirect to your new domain name, man-made Baidu is not friendly to the new domain name > summarized above, 301 redirect to a new domain really good? Baidu Algorithm Engineer will adopt what kind of algorithms exist in this 301 redirect problem? This is really hard to say! I suggest try not to use a 301 redirect, please do not condition, must ensure that the old domain name in the redirection is not before Baidu K station or the site itself is normal SEO optimization techniques, the content is legitimate


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