this article I was with the school students a second dialogue, because there may be other similarly through the Internet business minded college idea with him, so I put these chats sorted out posted on the blog, I hope to help some friends to find their own way.

sir, you said yesterday that no what future do Taobao customers, but now imagine Taobao off when it is doing part-time job every day can get 50 dollars??? If you can, I want to do, although not included high. As for the accumulation of contacts you, then do a large formal website, it is the time to learn, first get Taobao customers to do part-time or learn to get that?? maybe you will feel my eyes is very narrow, but a large formal website is not so easy. Learn, then do that, how to do?? how to give suggestions, thank you for your remarks made me feel so thinking of your limitations unprecedented, it makes me very worried, although we are in the same school, but you have the same idea with friends almost every day I encounter that everyone wants to find ways to make money fast, even everyone wants to have this method use unscrupulous divisive tactics,? Certainly, but you cannot, you put your dead box in a small space, not to a higher level of the wider world, you are not to understand a lot of good strategy.

first said Taobao, Taobao off is not no future, the profit model on the Internet there will be at least ten years or more, because this is a lazy profit model, although many customers do Taobao webmaster said Taobao off to do up very tired, but to do regular station webmaster, Taobao guest but really easy. Let me tell you what Taobao is and how it originated, or it can help you see this profit form more closely:

is probably 07 years when do flow station is very profitable, low threshold does not need any professional knowledge, of course, need to do the basic knowledge, such as the use of open source, as long as you can build a website, know a little SEO knowledge can get good rankings, flow station is also defined as garbage station as long as you can make money flow. 07 years when the alliance or do flow station competition, the most typical is the QQ station, as long as there is a huge flow, what keywords to row up, in 07 years a day is hundreds of income, and does not need to learn professional knowledge, as long as you buy a space, then buy a domain name (07 years CN0.8 a day on the network), and then copy the article, probably modify title, keyword stuffing, basically able to flow. No need to write your own articles, just you put on GGADS and League advertising, just waiting to take money. In this way many newcomers are optimistic about this piece of meat, and the flow can meet many new desires, very much in the 07 years of the novice or experienced a flow station, resulting in fierce competition, now Q>