begins by explaining the key words that appear in the title. The so-called grass-roots network practitioners, refers to those individuals or small groups of network practitioners, such as the so-called personal Adsense, micro Internet Co and so on belong to this category. Make site believe needless to say, everyone can understand, but each person’s different standards, here, personal view is that if the micro enterprises, remove all kinds of costs, the actual income of responsible person should be given a city where ordinary middle white-collar workers more than 4 times, such as in Zhengzhou, the middle white-collar the monthly income of about 3000 yuan, the actual monthly income of the micro enterprises responsible person reached 12 thousand can be made profitable website. For individuals in the form of grassroots webmaster, to remove all kinds of costs, the final income should be in the city of ordinary white-collar workers more than 2 times, in Zhengzhou, to reach 6000 yuan is to achieve this standard. Moreover, in actual operations, this standard needs constant improvement. If you can’t reach it, it’s really not worth continuing. It’s better to work for someone else and get paid, and then work on a small or not very small website. So, for the lack of excellent technology, without strong financial support of the grassroots webmaster or micro network companies, how to create one or more profitable website? In this paper, the author according to their own practical experience and some thoughts about it.

since it is to make a profitable site, first of all we should talk about how the website is profitable. The author has said many times in different articles. Basically, the grassroots webmaster and micro Internet Co, a subdivision industry website to earn direct advertisers advertising or value-added services, or as a flow station advertising alliance earn fees, is the most commonly used profit model. Of course, some grassroots network practitioners and micro web companies do not live by operating websites. These are beyond the scope of this article. After knowing the common profit models for micro web operators, this article will then discuss how to make such a website.

says what is an industry website first. For example, for example, education is a big industry, so there are many points such as education, postgraduate, college entrance examination, there are a number of senior high school entrance examination, occupation qualification examination, such as the construction of teachers, there are some training categories, such as foreign language training, occupation skill training and so on. For practitioners of micro networks, it is unrealistic to be an educational portal. One is because the competition is too large, and the possibility of doing it basically is small. Second, even if really do, the amount of access is really big, the server’s solution is also uncertain. So, choose a subdivision of the industry, or a larger industry segments do, or more realistic. For example, the enrollment website for education and training, nationwide, is too big to be done, and that can be done by one or several cities. For example, there are too many kinds of exam websites for professional qualification